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Fri Jun 5 1998

Qs: WECOL,Heritage Lang Learners,Minidisc,Books

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  1. Adam Zachary Wyner, WECOL publications and reference
  2. sm167, Heritage Lang Learners
  3. Dr James M Scobbie, minidisc for field work
  4. Valentin Gostev, need a book

Message 1: WECOL publications and reference

Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 18:31:38 +0300
From: Adam Zachary Wyner <>
Subject: WECOL publications and reference

Dear Colleagues,

 I have been trying for some time to get information about the
proceedings of the Western States Conference on Linguistics -- WECOL
- held annually in the US. I have already contacted one of the
assistants at this year's WECOL at Arizona State University,
Prof. Samiian at California State University at Fresno, who was (is?)
the editor of the proceedings, and a department secretary at
CSUFresno; they either don't reply to my inquiries or seem not to have
ready access to information about the proceedings. I have not found
the proceedings in libraries in Israel, nor were they at Cornell
University. So, I am turning to you.
 First, I would like to order WECOL proceedings. If anyone has
information about back issues (tables of contents, titles, authors)
and information about how to order, please send it to me. If you,
like me, have had problems ordering proceedings or locating it in your
library, perhaps the distributor of the proceedings should know this.
 Second, I need the full bibliographic reference to a paper of
mine, including page numbers. The paper is: Wyner, Adam Z.. 1989.
"The Semantics of Adverbs and the Perception Problem." In Vida
Samiian (ed.) Proceedings of the Western States Conference on
Linguistics, California State University, Fresno, CA.
 I very much appreciate your help with this inquiry.
Adam Wyner
- ---------------------------
Dr. Adam Zachary Wyner
Department of English, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, 52900, Israel
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Message 2: Heritage Lang Learners

Date: Tue, 02 Jun 98 15:57 EDT
From: sm167 <>
Subject: Heritage Lang Learners

In the spring term of 1999, I will be teaching a new course on issues
and research regarding heritage language learners. The primary focus
will be on heritage learners of Chinese, Korean, Spanish and other
languages yet to be determined.

If any of you know of particularly good research articles or
collections of articles -- or better yet, have information on courses
about heritage language learners being taught or in development -- I'd
be most grateful. If there's sufficient interest by other members of
the List, I'll post a summary of any data I obtain.

Thanks, and best wishes,

Scott McGinnis
University of Maryland
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Message 3: minidisc for field work

Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 10:03:12 +0100
From: Dr James M Scobbie <>
Subject: minidisc for field work

Does anyone use mini disc format for field recordings and/or playback
for digitising in the lab?

I'm used to DAT, portable and desktop. They come in at about 500, and
have the drawback that cue/review & tape pausing is pretty hard on
tapes and tends to chew them up. Mini disc is cheaper for the machine
and can pause, cue & review much more safely, so I'm thinking of
buying one. Does anyone have experience of their use in audio field

One alternative might be write-able CDs for audio. For digitised data,
they're wonderful, and the writers are cheap. What about for audio?
Are there any portable audio CD writers? CD will be around for a long
time, I imagine, and everybody has a CD player, so these are two big
plus points over mindisc, but all cases of audio data on CD that I
know of were captured usong another format, such as DAT, and

Please mail me with your experiences/advice. I'll summarise.

Jim Scobbie
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Message 4: need a book

Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 06:10:26 +0300
From: Valentin Gostev <>
Subject: need a book

Dear Linguist.

Could you help me,pleae.I need some books but I dont know where I can
find it.

They are: 

1. Bach K.Harnich Linguistics,communication and speech acts. Cambrige

2. Balmer Th., Brennestuhl W. Speech act classification. Berlin , 1981

3. Fraser B. Hedged perfomatives, sintax and semantics Vol 3 Speech

4. Seech G.N. Principles of Pragmatics. NG., 1983

 I need this books of only few pages from them for my reseach. Help
me please. Thank you very much.
send me please your reply
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