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Fri Jun 5 1998

TOC: Maryland Working Papers in Linguistics

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  1. frida morelli, Maryland Working Papers in Linguistics

Message 1: Maryland Working Papers in Linguistics

Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 17:53:17 -0400 (EDT)
From: frida morelli <>
Subject: Maryland Working Papers in Linguistics

The University of Maryland Linguistics Department proudly presents:

	University of Maryland Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 6: Papers in Syntax, the Syntax-Semantics Interface, Language
Acquisition and Psycholinguistcs.

Volume 7: Papers in Phonology 


				Volume 6
 	Editors: Elixabete Murguia, Acrisio Pires, Lucia Quintana 

- Sharon Armon-Lotem: 
 What to do with Have and Be: Auxiliary Verbs in Child Second 	
 Language Acquisition.
- Larisa Avram: 
 Remarks on the English Modals.
- Juan Carlos Castillo: 
 The Syntax of Container-Content Relations.
- Stephen Crain and Rosalind Thornton: 
 The Truth Value Judgment Task: Fundamentals of Design.
- Kleanthes Grohmann: 
 Speculations on the Syntax and Semantics of German Multiple
- Norbert Hornstein: 
 Adjunct Control and Parasitic Gaps.
- Mari Broman Olsen, Amy Weinberg, Jeffrey P. Lilly and John Drury:
 Acquiring Grammatical Aspect via Lexical Aspects: the Continuity
- Lucia Quintana: Meaningful Motivation behind the Syntax of Reciprocals.
- Yi-Ching Su: 
 The Representation of Compounds and Phrases in the Mental Lexicon:
 Evidence from Chinese.
- Maria Emma Ticio Quesada: 
 A Minimalist Analysis of Intensive Consecutives.
- Juan Uriagereka: 
 A Note on Rigidity.

				Volume 7
 Editors: Haruka Fukazawa, Frida Morelli, Caro Struijke, Yi-Ching Su

- Haruka Fukazawa: 
 New Evidence for Sympathy Theory.
- Linda Lombardi: 
 Constraints versus Representations: Some Questions from Laryngeal
- Linda Lombardi: 
 Evidence for Max Feature Constraints from Japanese. 
- Itziar San Martin: 
 An OT Account of the Formation of Definite Forms in the Vizcayan Basque
 Dialect of Markina.
- Viola Miglio: 
 Epenthesis and Deletion in Mantuan.
- Frida Morelli: 
 Onset Obstruent Clusters and Syllabic Obstruents in 
- Bruce Moren: 
 The Puzzle of Kashmiri Stress.
- Caro Struijke: 
 Reduplicant and Output TETU in Kwakwala: a New Model of Correspondence.

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