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Confs: Effects of Morphological Case

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  1. Olaf Koeneman, Workshop on Morphological Case

Message 1: Workshop on Morphological Case

Date: Tue, 02 Jun 1998 15:30:56 +0200
From: Olaf Koeneman <>
Subject: Workshop on Morphological Case

 Workshop announcement

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to announce the programme of the workshop "Effects of
Morphological Case, to be held at the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS,
Utrecht University, 28-29 August 1998.

Organizers: Helen de Hoop, Olaf Koeneman, Iris Mulders, and Fred Weerman


The aim of this workshop is to bring together theoretical and
empirical considerations on the effects of morphological case beyond its
mere phonological characteristics. Issues for discussion involve the
implications of morphological case for abstract case theory, the difference
between structural and inherent case, agreement, word order phenomena,
grammaticalization processes, discourse theory, and semantics.



9.00 Opening remarks

9.30 Invited speaker:
 Paul Kiparsky (Stanford University)
 `Cases as complementizers'

10.30 Denis Bouchard (University of Montreal)
 `Fixed positions, functional markers and the concept of "universal"'

11.15 BREAK

11.30 Inghild Flaate & Kristin M. Eide (Norwegian University of Science and
 `Interpretive effects of morphological case: Norwegian and German

12.15 Marjon Helmantel (Leiden University)
 `On the relation between structural position and morphological
case: adpositions in German'


14.15 Stephen Wechsler & Larisa Zlatic (University of Texas) 
 `Case realization in Serbo-Croatian'

15.00 Lynn Nichols (Harvard University)
 `Non-uniform effects of morphological case'

15.45 BREAK

16.00 Carson T.Schutze (UCLA)
 `On the nature of default case'

16.45 Josef Bayer, Markus Bader & Michael Meng (Friedrich-Schiller
University Jena)
 `Morphological underspecification meets oblique case: syntactic
and processing effects in German' 


9.15 Invited speaker:
 Alec Marantz (MIT)
 `In defense of "spell-out": why morphological case should indeed
only have an indirect, reflective relation to the syntax'

10.15 Amanda Seidl (University of Pennsylvania)
 `Non-segmental morphological case: The case of consonant mutation
in Kpa Mende'

11.00 BREAK

11.15 Miriam Butt (University of Konstanz) & Tracy Holloway King ((NLTT/ISTL)
 `Licensing semantic case'

12.00 Dieter Wunderlich (Heinrich Heine University, Duesseldorf)
 `On the interaction of structural and semantic case'


14.00 Angela Ralli (University of Patras) & Manuel Espanol-Echevarria (UCLA)
 `Feature mismatch in dislocated constituents'

14.45 Eric Haeberli (University of Geneva)
 `Deriving effects of morphological case by eliminating abstract 

15.30 BREAK

15.45 David Lightfoot (University of Maryland)
 `Middle English split genitives and the loss of case'

16.30 Invited speaker:
 Joan Maling (Brandeis University)
 `Morphological case is NOT (always) to blame'

Sandra Joppen (Heinrich Heine University, Duesseldorf)
`Structural arguments with semantic case: The case of causees and recipients
in 4-place verbs'


Registration at the site will cost 60 Dutch Guilders. If you preregister,
you only pay 50 guilders and you will receive the workshop booklet in
advance. Please use the following form for preregistration:

City and Zipcode:________________

I wish to pay by:
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Credit card details:
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Please send by email-reply or by regular mail to:

Utrecht University
Utrecht Institute of Linguistics
Trans 10 3512 JK Utrecht
The Netherlands


Some of the speakers will stay at Hotel De Biltsche Hoek in De Bilt, which
is approx. 15 minutes from the city centre by bus. tel #31302205811, fax
#31302202812. Single: f 112,50, double f 135,- (breakfast included).

Here is the list of accommodation information in Utrecht. Please note that
actual bookings are the participant's own responsibility.

Hotel Smits ****, Vredenburg 14, tel #31302331232, fax #31302328451
Single: 180.-, double for single: 195.-, double 247.- (breakfast
included). City centre, app. 5 minutes walk to congress site.

Maliehotel ****, Maliestraat 2, tel #31302316424, fax #31302340661
Single with shower / bath 150.- / 160.-; double shower/bath 185.-
/195.- (breakfast included). Eastern part of town, nice quiet residental

area, app. 20 minutes walk to congress site.

Hotel Mitland ****, Ari?nslaan 1, tel #31302715824, fax #31302719003
Single 140.-, double 180.- On the north-eastern outskirts of town,
quiet environment, bus stop close by.

Tulip Inn Utrecht Centre ***, Janskerkhof 10, tel #31302313169, fax
Single (shower or bath) 195.-, double (shower or bath) 250.- (buffet

breakfast included). City center, app. 5 minutes walk to congress site.
Early reservations reccommended!

Hotel Ibis ***, Bizetlaan 1, tel #31302910366, fax #31302942066
Single / double 140.-, breakfast 18.- per person. West of city
regular buses or tram to centre city, app. 15 minutes walk to congress

Hotel de Admiraal **, Admiraal van Gentstraat 11, tel #31302758500, fax
Single: 135.-, double 155.- (breakfast included). North-east of city

centre, quiet residential area, app. 25 minutes walk tocongress site.

Hotel Bunschoten **, Balijelaan 1, tel #31302941420, fax #31302961934
Single: 125.-, double 145.- (breakfast included). South-west of city

centre, app. 25 minutes walk to congress site.

Ouwi Hotel **, FC Donderstraat 12, tel #31302716303, fax #31302714619
Single (shower) 102.-, double (shower) 122.-(breakfast included).
North-east of city centre, quiet residential area, app. 20 minutes walk
congress site.

Parkhotel Eijtinger *, Tolsteegsingel 34, tel #31302516712, fax
Single / double 95.- Southern edge of city centre, on canal, app. 15
minutes walk to congress site.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact Olaf Koeneman

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* Olaf Koeneman *
* Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS *
* Trans 10 (room 2.20), 3512 JK Utrecht *
* tel. +31 30 253 8304 *
* email: *
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