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Sun Jun 14 1998

Confs: Afro-Asiatic Languages

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  1. Dlperrett, Afro-Asiatic Languages

Message 1: Afro-Asiatic Languages

Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 07:02:49 EDT
From: Dlperrett <>
Subject: Afro-Asiatic Languages


Centre of African Studies

25-27th June 1998



*Paul NEWMAN regrets that due to unforeseen circumstances he will be unable to
attend as guest speaker as previously advertised.

Thursday, June 25
Welcome by Prof. R.J. Hayward
09:00-10:00 Robert HOBERMAN, State University of New York: What is a binyan:
Maltese verb morphology
10:00-10:20 Break

10:20-11:00 Tali SILONI, Tel-Aviv University: Phonological Case Checking
Domain: The Case of Genitive
11:00-11:40 Nili MANDELBLIT, University of Paris 7: Blending in Hebrew
11:40-12:20 Mohamed NAJI, Universities of Paris X & VIII: On the Nature of the
Participial Structures: The case of the Semitic Active Participle
12:20-2:00 Lunch

2:00-2:40 Ruth KEMPSON & Malcolm EDWARDS, SOAS & Birkbeck College: Resumptive
Pronouns in Arabic & English
2:40-3:20 Sabrina BENDJABALLAH, University of Paris 7: Some Aspects of
Palatalization in Somali
3:20-4:00 Alain KIHM, CNRS, Paris: The Berber Construct State as Subject
4:00-4:20 Break

4:20-5:00 Sharon ROSE, University of California - San Diego: Triple Take :
Tigre and the Case of Internal Reduplication
5:00-5:40 Giuliano LANCIONI, University of Rome 1: Noun Phrases in Amharic &
Standard Arabic
5:40-6:20 Hagit BORER, University of Southern California: The Argument
Structure of Causatives: a Top-Down Approach

6:30 Drinks party hosted by SOAS Linguistics Dept.

Friday, June 26

09:00-10:00 John SAEED, Trinity College Dublin: 
10:00-10:20 Break

10:20-11:00 Chris REINTGES, Holland Institute of Generative Linguistics: The
Correlation of Verb Movement, Event Semantics and Subject Agreement in Older
11:00-11:40 David SWINBURNE, SOAS: 'Copular Pronouns' and the Dynamics of
11:40-12:20 Jamal OUHALLA, Queen Mary & Westfield, London: Possession in
Sentences & in Noun Phrases
12:20-2:00 Lunch

2:00-2:40 Jacqueline LECARME, CNRS, Nice: Gender 'polarity' and the nature of
nominal Number
2:40-3:20 James ROBERTS, Summer Institute of Linguistics - Chad: Feature
Spreading in Mokulu Noun Plurals
3:20-4:00 Mara FRASCARELLI, University of Rome 3: Long Movement, "that-trace"
Effects and Antiagreement in Somali
4:00-4:20 Break

4:20-5:00 Degif PETROS, MIT: Classifying the Subject Agreement Suffixes of
5:00-5:40 Edit DORON, Hebrew University, Jerusalem: The Passive Participle in
5:40-6:20 Business Meeting
8:00 Dinner

Saturday, June 27

09:00-10:00 Baye YIMAM, Addis Ababa University: Agreement Phenomena in Amharic
10:00-10:20 Break

10:20-11:00 Miriam ENGELHARDT, Hebrew University, Jerusalem: Definiteness and
the Construct Form
11:00-11:40 Shuly WINTNER, University of Tbingen: Definiteness Agreement &
Inheritance in Hebrew
11:40-12:20 Melanie GREEN, Queen Mary & Westfield, London: The Focus
Properties of Copular Sentences
12:20-2:00 Lunch

2:00-2:40 Ur SHLONSKY, University of Geneva: Copular Constructions & Subject
Positions in Hebrew
2:40-3:20 Philippe SGRAL, University of Paris 7: On Phonological processes
in the "3rd Conjugation" of Somali
3:20-4:00 Marco SVOLACCHIA & Annarita PUGIELLI, University of Rome 3:
Polysynthesis in East Cushitic
4:00-4:20 Break

4:20-5:00 Abdellah CHEKAYRI & Tobias SCHEER, Al-Akawayn University: The
Appearance of Glides in Classical Arabic Defective Verbs
5:00-5:40 Jean LOWENSTAMM, University of Paris 7: The Feminine & Impersonal
in Chaha
5:40-6:20 Abdelkader FASSI FEHRI, Mohammed V University: On Strict Adjacency
in VS & NPoss Sequences


The Conference* is hosted by The School of Oriental and African Studies.
Conference sessions will take place in the Lower Ground Floor Lecture Theatre
the Main Building at SOAS.

SOAS is located on the north-west corner of Russell Square. The nearest tube
station is Russell Square on the Piccadilly Line. Goodge St. on the Northern
Line, Euston Square on the Circle and Metropolitan and Euston main line
station are 10 minutes walk away.

* The Conference is financed through the Research Committee of the School of
Oriental & African Studies and the Summer Institute of Linguistics.

LOCAL COMMITTEE: Prof. R.J. Hayward, Dr. B. Ingham, Dr. J. Ouhalla, Ms. D.

Participants will be asked to pay a daily fee of 5 to cover conference


Accommodation will be arranged at Dinwiddy House, the SOAS Students Residence,
in single study bedrooms with en-suite shower, toilet and handbasin. Rooms
will be available from Wednesday 24th June at 22 per night for bed &
breakfast. Please confirm your reservation as soon as possible using the
accommodation form below.

Dinwiddy House is located on Pentonville Road not far from Kings Cross Station
10-15 minutes walk from SOAS. Participants will need to make their own way, on
foot or by local transport (73 Bus), to the conference site each day. Details
of hotel accommodation in the Russell Square area can be supplied on request.

All correspondence should be addressed to:
Centre of African Studies,
School of Oriental & African Studies,
Russell Square,
Tel: 0181-964-9141
Fax: 0171-323-6254


Please indicate below which accommodation options you want to take. It may
also help us to know your travel plans. Please complete the form and e-mail it


1. I wish to book Bed & Breakfast accommodation at Dinwiddy House at
22/Twenty two pounds sterling per night (payable on arrival) for the
following nights - 

	24th June		yes / no
	25th June		yes / no
	26th June		yes / no
	27th June		yes / no

2. I would like to receive information on hotel accommodation in the Russell
Square area.		yes / no

3. I have made independent accommodation arrangements.	yes / no

4. I plan to travel by -

			Airport:	Arrival date:	Arrival time:		Flight No:

	AIR		_______	________	_________		_______

	TRAIN			________	_________

	OTHER			________	_________

5. I require information on (other, please specify):


(Directions designed for destination SOAS Residence.)

Arriving by air: 
Heathrow - Underground Piccadilly Line to King's Cross.
Gatwick - Rail link to King's X.
Luton - Rail link train to King's X.
City - Docklands Railway & Underground connections.

Arriving by rail:
Waterloo -From Eurostar Terminal change to Underground for King's X (Northern
Line to Leicester Square change to Piccadilly for King's X or Bakerloo
changing to Piccadilly Line at Piccadilly Circus).
Other Main Line stations - change to Underground for connections to King's X.

Arriving by car:
Directions available on request. Car parking is a major problem in Central

Metered cab ranks at all airports and main line stations. The walk from King's
Cross station to Dinwiddy House is 0.5 km. Those with heavy luggage may prefer
to take a taxi from the station.
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