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Tue Jun 16 1998

Qs: On-line data, Textbooks, Lyrics

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  1. Meng-Ya Wang, on-line lingusitic data
  2. Apisak Pupipat, Textbooks or materials
  3. BenWoyth, lyrics

Message 1: on-line lingusitic data

Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 11:07:56 +0800
From: Meng-Ya Wang <>
Subject: on-line lingusitic data

I am now interested in the study of tense/aspect and aspectual meaning
of English verbs. I would like very much to get access to the latest
development. Any help and guidance concerning this field or other
verb categories such as mood would be greatly appreciated.

Professor Meng-Ya Wang
Wannan Medical College
tel;work: 86-553-3815565
tel;fax: 86-553-3811994

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Message 2: Textbooks or materials

Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 01:49:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: Apisak Pupipat <>
Subject: Textbooks or materials

Hi all netters:
	I'm supposed to teach an Intro. to Language class to
second-year English-majors (who are Thais). What textbooks or
materials do you recommend? AND/OR how should I approach it? 

	Please direct all responses to me (at "")
and I will summarize them for the whole list. Thank you!
apisak pupipat

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Message 3: lyrics

Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 03:56:04 EDT
From: BenWoyth <>
Subject: lyrics

	At my son's school here in France, his teacher taught the
class a song from an album called "Songs from Elsewhere." The teacher
didn't know where the song comes from, just "the islands" was all he
knew. He taught the song as a bunch of sounds, but I am sure it must
come from a language, possibly Tahetian. I've been networking for two
weeks on the Internet, trying to find someone who can identify the
source of the song and possibly translate it into either English or French.

	Apparently some of the letters with accents have gotten
garbled in e-mail transmission, so I reproduce it here both in French
and in American. Here is the song:

French version:

po i ta ta 
po i ta ta po i touki touki 

American version:

aypoe ee tie tie ay
aypoe ee tie tie aypoe ee tooky tooky ay

If you can shed some light on this text, I'd be grateful and my son's class
would be all the richer.



Ben Woythaler
11 rue Tardif
14400 Bayeux
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