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Wed Jul 1 1998

Confs: SPoSS

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  1. Marie Helene Casanova, Workshop SPoSS Preliminary Program

Message 1: Workshop SPoSS Preliminary Program

Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 10:03:44 +0100
From: Marie Helene Casanova <>
Subject: Workshop SPoSS Preliminary Program

	Sound Patterns of Spontaneous Speech Production and Perception

	24-26 September , La Baume les Aix, Aix en Provence, FRANCE



10h-10h30 Registration
10h30-11h Opening, Presentation of the communications

11h-11h30 Coffee Break

11h30-12h30 * Invited Lecture : Making sense of the infinite
variety of natural speech patterns
 B. Lindblom, Stockholm University and Austin University

12h30-13h30 Lunch

13h30-14h30 * Invited Lecture : The phonetic manifestation of words in
 spontaneous speech
 K. Kohler, University of Kiel

14h30-15h Coffee Break

15h-15h20 * Between-word processes in early multi-word speech
 C. Newton, University College, London

15h20-15h40 * Phonological and phonetic aspects of Brazilian Portugese
 : a study of /R/ variants
 R. Cruz and L. Messias, UFPA, Brazil

15h40-16h * Distribution and acoustical characteristics of the /R/
 allophones in French :laboratory/spontaneous speech
 D. Autesserre and M. Chafcouloff, LPL, Aix en Provence

16h-16h20 * Assimilatory behavior of tongue-tip trills
 M.J. Sole, Laboratoria de Fonetica, Barcelona

16h20-16h40 * Consonant reduction in spontaneous Polish speech
 R. Gubrynowicz* and P. Durand** ,*SAL, Warsaw and **LPL,
 Aix en Provence

16h40-17h * Quasi-homorganic V1##V2 sequencies in Austrian German
 S. Moosmuller, Acoustic research Departement, Wien


9h-10h * Invited lecture : Synchronic variations and prosodic
 changes : the influence of prosodic structuring
 J. Vaissiere, ILGLA, Paris

10h-10h20 Coffee Break

10h20-10h40 * What is deleted in Spontaneous Finnish : Segmental
 interaction with word stress, vowel harmony and moras
 R. Valimaa-Blum, CNRS UA 1027, Universite de Lille

10h40-11h * Aspects of the reduction and contextual assimilation of
 consonant sequences in spontaneous French speech
 D. Duez, LPL, CNRS ESA 6057, Aix en provence

11h-11h20 * Preaspiration and pre-stopped laterals : historical
 change in light of spontaneous speech
 P. Helgason, institute of Phonetics, Stockholm

11h20-11h40 * Casual speech : a rich source of intriguing puzzles
 S. Manuel, Research Laboratory of Electronics,
MIT Cambridge

11h40-12h * Language dependent and independent spontaneous speech
 P. Basset and T. Su, ILPGA, Paris

12h30-13h30 Lunch

13h30-14h30 * Invited lecture : The recognition of spoken words with
 variable representation
 A. Cutler, Max Planck Institute, Nijmegen

14h30-14h50 * Perception of `reduced` forms by non-native speakers of
 L. Shockey, University of Reading

14h50-15h10 * Listening to nonnative language which violates native
 assimilation rules
 A. Weber, MPI, Nijmegen

15h10-15h30 * Lexical access in spontaneous speech : reduced forms
 E.G. Bard, M.L. Kelly and C. Sotillo, HCRC, Edinburgh

15h30-15h50 * Disfluent speech : The transcriber problem
 R. Lickley and E.G. Bard, HCRC, Edinburgh

15h50-16h10 Coffee Break

16h10-17h30 Poster Session :

16h10-16h30 Oral presentation of the posters by J. Vaissiere

16h30-17h30 Poster Session : discussion with authors

 Posters : * Is hypo-articulation lexically constrained ?
 C.F. Sotillo and E.G. Bard, HCRS, Edinburgh

 * The use of ALISP for automatic acoustic-phonetic
 J. Cernocky*, G. Baudoin** and G. Chollet**, *TU of Brno,
 **ESIEE and **ENST Paris

 * Multilingual detection of specific sound patterns : the
 case of vowels and plosives
 N. Parlangeau and F. Pellegrino, IRIT Toulouse

 * We talk like meh ? No, Lah : intonation patterns on
 discourse particles in spontaneous Singapore English
 L. Lim, University of Singapore

 * Palatalized plosives in French and palatal in Korean :
 a comparative study
 H.Z. Kim, Dankook University

 * Extent of context and vowel identification in speech
 S.M. Williams and R.L. Diehl, University of Texas

 * Vowel quality in spontaneous speech : what makes a good
 vowel ?
 M. Aylett and A. Turk, HCRC, Edimburgh

 * Dual-route encoding : a synthesis of acoustic evidence
 from normal speech
 S.P. Whiteside and R.A. Varley, University of Sheffield

 * Acoustic-prosodic cues of speech repairs in spontaneous
 S.C. Tseng, University of Bielefeld

 * Disentangling multiple sources of stress in word
 H. Borfeld and J. Morgan, Brown University, Providence


9h-9h20 * Speaker strategies in the use of prosodic means in
 spontaneous discourse in Dutch
 M. Van Donzel, F.J. Koopmans-Van Beinum, L.C.W. Pols,
 University of Amsterdam

9h20-9h40 * Global and local characteristics of Dutch questions in
 play-acted and spontaneous speech
 J.Haan* and V.J. Van Heuven**, Nijmegen University* and
 Leiden University** 

9h40-10h10 * Effects of prosodic constraints on the lengthening of
 syllable constituent in French :a comparison
between spontaneous and French speech
 C. Astesano, Universite de Provence, Aix en Provence

10h10-10h30 * Coffee Break

10h30-10h50 * Direct and indirect measurement of the articulation of
 intervocalic stop consonants in French
 A. Soquet, Universite libre de Bruxelles

10h50-11h10 * Comparison of aerodynamic and EPG data in spoken and
 spontaneous speech
 D. Demolin, Universite libre de Bruxelles

11h10-11h30 * Effect of emphasis and irritation on jaw opening
 O. Fujimura, D. Erickson and B. Pardo, the Ohio State

11h30-11h50 * Selection of pronunciation variants in spontaneous
 speech : comparing the performance of man and machine
 M. Wester, J.M. Kessens, C. Cucchiarini and H. Strik

11h50-12h50 Panel Session : Achievements and perspectives of research
 on spontaneous speech

More information on la baume les Aix and the workshop can be found on
our web site :
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