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The LINGUIST List is dedicated to providing information on language and language analysis, and to providing the discipline of linguistics with the infrastructure necessary to function in the digital world. LINGUIST is a free resource, run by linguistics students and faculty, and supported primarily by your donations. Please support LINGUIST List during the 2016 Fund Drive.

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50 Most Recent Issues

Issue #
27.2785 Calls: Applied Linguistics; General Linguistics; Historical Linguistics; Lexicography; Psycholinguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics / Entrepalavras (Jrnl) Claudete Lima
27.2784 Calls: Discourse Analysis, General Ling, Socioling/USA James Mitchell
27.2783 Calls: Slavic, Computational Ling, General Ling, Lang Acq, Psycholing/Germany Luka Szucsich
27.2782 Calls: Pragmatics/UK Ryoko Sasamoto
27.2781 Calls: Slavic, Ling Theories, Pragmatics, Semantics/Germany Luka Szucsich
27.2780 Summer Schools: Autumn School of Croatian Language and Culture/Croatia Martina Podboj
27.2779 FYI: June 2016 Newsletter – LDC LDC LDC
27.2778 Books: Analyzed Texts in Majhi with Grammar Notes: Dhakal Ulrich Lueders
27.2777 Books: Evidence for the Indo-European and Balkan Origin of Burushaski: Čašule Ulrich Lueders
27.2776 Qs: Native speakers of English wanted for a survey Bartosz Brzoza
27.2775 Confs: Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics/Finland Maija Lappalainen
27.2774 Calls: Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics/UK Kristy Beers Fägersten
27.2773 Review: Applied Ling; Text/Corpus Ling: Aull (2015) Tina Beynen
27.2772 Calls: Computational Linguistics/Spain Florian Kunneman
27.2771 Books: Contiguity Theory: Richards Susan Mai
27.2770 Books: Judith Ortiz Cofer and Aurora Levins Morales: The Construction of Identity through Cultural and Linguistic Hybridization: Betancourt Ulrich Lueders
27.2769 Books: A Reference Grammar of Ersu, a Tibeto-Burman Language of China: Zhang Ulrich Lueders
27.2768 Books: The Linguistic Landscape of Post-Apartheid South Africa: Hibbert Elinor Robertson
27.2767 Books: Japanese Pronunciation & Accents: Canepari, Miscio Ulrich Lueders
27.2766 Books: Typology of Taxis Constructions: Xrakovskij Ulrich Lueders
27.2765 Confs: Cog Sci, General Ling, Lang Acq, Typology/UK Alan Wallington
27.2764 Confs: Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics/UK Kristy Beers Fägersten
27.2763 Calls: Applied Ling, Computational Ling, General Ling, Ling & Lit, Socioling/Philippines Sorhaila Yusoph
27.2762 Calls: Pragmatics, Socioling, Discourse Analysis/UK Angeliki Alvanoudi
27.2761 Calls: English, Applied Ling, Translation/Japan Michael Sasaoka
27.2760 Jobs: Neurolinguistics; Psycholinguistics: Assistant Professor, University of Cali Neurolinguistics; Psycholinguistics: Assistant Profefornia, Davis
27.2759 Jobs: English; General Linguistics; Computational Linguistics: Computational Linguist for NLP, Artificial Solutions
27.2758 Jobs: English; Applied Linguistics: Teacher, Wuhan University
27.2757 Summer Schools: Chulalongkorn Summer School of Southeast Asian Linguistics/Thailand Pittayawat Pittayaporn
27.2756 Calls: English, Applied Ling, Lang Acq, Neuroling, Phonetics, Phonology/Austria Milena Insam
27.2755 Calls: Computational Linguistics/Japan Malvina Nissim
27.2754 Calls: Applied Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics/UK Eva-Maria Graf
27.2753 Calls: Computational Linguistics/Japan Brunato Dominique
27.2752 Jobs: English; German; Lexicography; Sociolinguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics: Post Doc, Austrian Academy of Sciences
27.2751 Confs: Morphology, Syntax/Germany Peter Smith
27.2750 Calls: Anthropological Linguistics, Pragmatics/UK Ulrike Schröder
27.2749 Review: Ling Theories; Morphology; Typology: Baerman, Brown, Corbett (2015) Anish Koshy
27.2747 Review: Lang Acq; Socioling: Aboh (2015) Emmanuel Schang
27.2746 Books: Nominalsyntagmen mit Präposition: Nikolic Simon Reber
27.2745 Books: Historische Mündlichkeit: Eggert, Kilian (eds.) Simon Reber
27.2744 Books: Das Unantastbare beschreiben: Staniewski Simon Reber
27.2743 Calls: General Linguistics/Israel Daniel Asherov
27.2742 TOC: Natural Language Semantics 24 / 2 (2016) Helen van der Stelt
27.2741 TOC: Zeitschrift für Katalanistik 29 (2016) Claus D. Pusch
27.2740 Jobs: English; Discourse Analysis; General Linguistics: Teching Fellow, University of Birmingham
27.2739 Jobs: English; General Linguistics: Copy-editor, Copernicus Publications, Göttingen, Germany
27.2738 Confs: Applied Ling/UK Abdelmunsef Almansori
27.2737 Calls: Pragmatics/UK Ilona Vandergriff
27.2736 Calls: Socioling/India Nicholas Ostler
27.2735 Calls: Japanese, Pragmatics/Japan Tetsuharu Koyama

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