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25.3606 FYI: Call for Chapter Proposals: Teaching ESL/EFL to Chinese Students Barry Bai
25.3603 Jobs: English; Applied Linguistics: Instructor, Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam
25.3604 Jobs: Computational Linguistics: Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University
25.3605 Jobs: English; Applied Linguistics: Associate Professor, Hokkaido University
25.3590 Calls: Anthropological Ling; Applied Ling; General Ling; Socioling/ Lengua y Migración (Jrnl) Francisco Moreno-Fernández
25.3591 Calls: Applied Linguistics/ Language Testing in Asia (Jrnl) Robert Kirkpatrick
25.3592 Jobs: English; Applied Linguistics: Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University
25.3593 Jobs: Multiple Languages; Language Acquisition: Tenure Track Position in Second Language Acquisition, Carnegie Mellon University
25.3594 Calls: Portuguese, Spanish, Lang Acquisition, Applied Ling, Cognitive Sci, Socioling, Psycholing/Netherlands M.Carmen Parafita Couto
25.3595 Calls: Elfdalian, General Ling, Lang Documentation, Historical Ling/Denmark Bjarne Simmelkjær Sandgaard Hansen
25.3596 Calls: Lexicography, Lang Acquisition, General Ling, Computational Ling, Psycholing/Italy Vito Pirrelli
25.3597 Calls: Pragmatics, Ling Theories, Text/Corpus Ling, Lexicography, Computational Ling/Belgium Miriam R. L. Petruck
25.3598 Calls: General Linguistics, Phonology, Semantics, Syntax/USA Nazarre Merchant
25.3599 Calls: Cognitive Science, Socioling, Applied Ling, Lang Acq, General Ling/USA Jose Camacho
25.3600 Calls: South Asian Languages, General Linguistics/USA Ashwini Deo
25.3601 Calls: Sociolinguistics/Kenya Ellen Hurst
25.3602 FYI: Kamusi at 20 - Global Online Living Dictionary Don Osborn
25.3584 Books: True Emotions: Salmela Karin Plijnaar
25.3585 Books: The Routledge Handbook of Hispanic Applied Linguistics: Lacorte (ed.) Lisa Farkas
25.3586 Confs: Syntax, Semantics, Psycholinguistics/Germany Pritty Patel-Grosz
25.3587 Calls: Socioling, Anthro Ling, Historical Ling, Lang Documentation, Ling Theories, Philosophy of Lang/Netherlands Dick Smakman
25.3588 Calls: Socioling, Anthropological Ling, Discourse Analysis, Ling & Literature/Germany Stefanie Jannedy
25.3589 Calls: Neurolinguistics, Linguistic Theories/Italy Anna Maria Di Sciullo
25.3563 Calls: General Linguistics/ Lingvisticae Investigationes (Jrnl) Eric Laporte
25.3564 Books: Literature as Dialogue: Sell (ed.) Karin Plijnaar
25.3565 Books: Perspectives on Semantic Roles: Luraghi, Narrog (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
25.3566 Books: Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English: Volume 1: Wright Joyce Reid
25.3567 Books: Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English: Volume 2: Wright Joyce Reid
25.3568 Books: A New English Grammar: Volume 1: Sweet Joyce Reid
25.3569 Books: A New English Grammar: Volume 2: Sweet Joyce Reid
25.3570 Jobs: Computational Linguistics: NLP Software Engineer, Artificial Solutions
25.3571 Jobs: Bantu; Historical Linguistics; Sociolinguistics: Post Doc, SOAS, University of London
25.3572 Jobs: Spanish; Anthropological Linguistics; Sociolinguistics: Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina
25.3573 Jobs: Arabic; English; Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics: Speech Linguistic Project Manager, Employment Agency Contracting for Google
25.3574 Jobs: Arabic; English; Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics: Speech Data Evaluator
25.3575 Calls: Computational Linguistics/Canada Chris Dyer
25.3576 Confs: Greek, Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics/Greece Theodossia-Soula Pavlidou
25.3577 Qs: Language and Nature Richard Durkan
25.3578 Qs: Normalization of Multilexemic Corpus Data Daniela Schroeder
25.3579 Confs: Pragmatics, Psycholinguistics, Phonetics General Linguistics/France Agnès Celle
25.3580 Calls: Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition/USA Thomas Cox
25.3581 Calls: Historical Linguistics/Italy Michela Cennamo
25.3582 Calls: Text/Corpus Ling, Computational Ling, Socioling, General Ling/Italy Alfredo Rizza
25.3583 Calls: Phonology/USA Christen N. Madsen II
25.3541 Books: Intersubjectivity and Intersubjectification in Grammar and Discourse: Brems, Ghesquière, van de Velde (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
25.3542 Books: Romance Perspectives on Construction Grammar: Boas, Gonzálvez-García (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
25.3543 Books: History of Linguistics 2011: Kasevich, Kleiner, Sériot (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
25.3544 Books: The Evaluation of Language Regimes: Gazzola Karin Plijnaar
25.3545 Books: Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXIV-XXV: Farwaneh, Ouali (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
25.3546 Books: Profiling Discourse Participants: De Cock Karin Plijnaar
25.3547 Calls: Sociolinguistics/ Linguistic Variation (Jrnl) Karin Plijnaar
25.3548 Calls: Applied Linguistics/ Language Value (Jrnl) Mari Carmen Campoy-Cubillo
25.3549 Calls: General Linguistics/ Questions and Answers in Linguistics (Jrnl) Piotr Gulgowski
25.3550 Jobs: Italian; Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics: Analytical Linguistic Project Manager, Google, Inc.
25.3551 Jobs: English; Applied Linguistics: Professor, University of Erfurt
25.3552 Jobs: Arabic; Language Acquisition; Morphology; Semantics; Syntax: Post Doc, Laboratoire Linguistique de Nantes (LLING / University of Nantes)
25.3553 Jobs: Phonology/ Assistant Professor, Ohio State University
25.3554 Jobs: Language Evolution/Development: Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego
25.3555 Jobs: Phonetics: Lecturer, University of Oxford
25.3556 Confs: Language Documentation, Anthropological Linguistics/UK Lydia Green
25.3557 Calls: Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics/Botswana Keoneeng Magocha
25.3558 Calls: Language Acquisition, Applied Linguistics, Discourse Analysis/Netherlands Rasmus Steinkrauss
25.3559 Calls: Discourse Analysis/Denmark Kristian Mortensen
25.3560 Calls: Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Lexicography, Philosophy of Lang, Ling & Lit/Algeria Khadija Belfarhi
25.3561 Calls: Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis/USA Didem Ikizoglu
25.3562 Diss: Pragmatics: Gargani: 'Poetic Comparisons: How Similes are Understood' Adam Gargani

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