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The LINGUIST List is dedicated to providing information on language and language analysis, and to providing the discipline of linguistics with the infrastructure necessary to function in the digital world. LINGUIST is a free resource, run by linguistics students and faculty, and supported primarily by your donations. Please support LINGUIST List during the 2016 Fund Drive.

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50 Most Recent Issues

Issue #
27.2415 Books: Corpus Stylistics as Contextual Prosodic Theory and Subtext: Louw, Milojkovic Karin Plijnaar
27.2414 Books: Contrastive Pragmatics and Translation: Kranich Karin Plijnaar
27.2413 Books: Focus-related Operations at the Right Edge in Spanish: Ortega-Santos Karin Plijnaar
27.2412 Books: Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXVIII: Haddad, Potsdam (eds.) Karin Plijnaar
27.2411 Books: Occupy: Martín Rojo Karin Plijnaar
27.2410 Books: Embodiment in Latin Semantics: Short (ed.) Karin Plijnaar
27.2409 Calls: Gen Ling / Czech Republic Jan Radimsky
27.2408 TOC: Brill Research Perspectives in Multilingualism and Second Language Acquisition 1 / 1 (2016) Maarten Frieswijk
27.2407 TOC: Lingua 177 (2016) Christopher Tancock
27.2406 TOC: Reading and Writing 29 / 6 (2016) Helen van der Stelt
27.2405 Support: Germanic; Romance; Historical Linguistics; Pragmatics; Text/Corpus Linguistics / Germany Horst Simon
27.2404 Support: Semantics; Syntax / Germany Artemis Alexiadou
27.2403 Calls: Gen Ling, Ling Theories, Neuroling, Pragmatics, Semantics/Netherlands Yaron McNabb
27.2402 Calls: Applied Linguistics/Netherlands Anna Kaal
27.2401 Calls: Applied Linguistics/Slovenia Violeta Jurkovič
27.2400 Calls: Applied Ling, Comp Ling, Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Psycholing/Belgium Liesbeth Degand
27.2399 Diss: Romance, Historical Ling, Morphology, Syntax, Text/Corpus Ling: Lamar A. Graham: 'The history of the future: morphophonology, syntax, and grammaticalization' Lamar Graham
27.2398 Calls: Phonology/USA Karen Jesney
27.2397 Calls: Ling Theories, Phonology, Syntax/Germany Joost Kremers
27.2396 Calls: Computational Ling, General Ling, Morphology, Syntax, Text/Corpus Ling/Germany Eric Fuß
27.2395 Calls: Applied Ling, Cog Sci, Ling Theories, Morphology, Phonology/France Emilie Caratini
27.2394 Calls: Discourse Analysis, Ling Theories, Psycholing, Cog Sci, Comp Ling/Germany Katja Suckow
27.2392 Qs: Looking for native speakers of Arabic or Romanian Manuela Frontera
27.2391 Qs: Looking for native speakers of European Spanish Pep Demestre
27.2390 Diss: Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Socioling: Agnese Sampietro: 'Emoticonos y emojis. Análisis de su historia, difusión y uso en la comunicación digital actual ' Agnese Sampietro
27.2389 Diss: Romance, Historical Ling, Morphology, Text/Corpus Linguistics: Lewis Chadwick Howe: 'The history of the future: morphophonology, syntax, and grammaticalization' Lamar Graham
27.2388 Confs: Cog Sci, Neuroling, Psycholing/Italy Roel Jonkers
27.2387 Calls: Computational Ling, General Ling, Pragmatics, Semantics, Syntax/South Korea Dongsik Lim
27.2386 Calls: Berber, General Ling/France Mohamed El Idrissi
27.2385 Calls: Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Applied Ling, General Ling/Taiwan Wi-vun Chiung
27.2384 Calls: Lang Acq, Psycholing, Semantics, Syntax, Typology/Germany Ryan Bochnak
27.2383 Calls: English, Applied Ling, General Ling/Poland Magdalena Wieczorek
27.2382 Calls: Spanish, Cog Sci, Forensic Ling, Neuroling, Phonetics, Phonology/Spain Pilar Lirio
27.2381 Calls: Gen Ling, Kurdish / Turkey Hasan KARACAN
27.2380 Calls: Applied Linguistics; General Linguistics; Translation; Ling & Literature / Pakistan Journal of Languages and Translation Studies (Jrnl) Dr. Riaz Ahmed Mangrio
27.2379 Jobs: English; Applied Linguistics; Computational Linguistics: Computational Linguist, Lionbridge
27.2378 Jobs: Arabic; Applied Linguistics; General Linguistics; Ling & Literature: Associate Senior Lecturer, The University of Gothenburg
27.2377 Jobs: Discourse Analysis; Language Documentation; Text/Corpus Linguistics: Lecturer, Universität zu Köln
27.2376 Jobs: English; Applied Linguistics; Discourse Analysis; Sociolinguistics: Full/Associate/Assistant Professor, BNU-HKBU United International College
27.2375 Calls: Comp Ling, General Ling, Text/Corpus Ling, Typology, Writing Systems/Vietnam Szymon Grzelak
27.2374 TOC: Argotica 1 / 4 (2015) Laurentiu Bala
27.2373 Summer Schools: Eastern Generative Grammar/Georgia Hedde Zeijlstra
27.2372 FYI: GermaNet Release 11.0 Marie Hinrichs
27.2371 FYI: Speech Prosody 2016 Live Stream and Video Archive Jonathan Barnes
27.2370 FYI: Official Release of the UN Parallel Corpus v1.0 Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt
27.2369 Calls: Pragmatics/Germany Simon Meier
27.2368 Calls: Cog Sci, Semantics/Croatia Mario Brdar
27.2367 Calls: Psycholinguistics/Netherlands Sven Mattys
27.2366 Calls: Germanic, General Ling/Germany Gunther De Vogelaer
27.2365 Jobs: General Linguistics; Language Documentation: Post Doc, University of New England

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