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Job Announcements on LINGUIST

The LINGUIST List feels that helping job seekers is an important service to the discipline of linguistics. Since 1990, 90% of all linguistic job openings have been posted on the LINGUIST List site and mailing list. The jobs area of our website is the most-viewed area of LINGUIST List, receiving over 150,000 views per month. By posting your job announcement to the LINGUIST List you will:

We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide to our supporters and our users. Every submission is handled with courtesy, professionalism and promptness ensuring that we maintain high quality announcements and linguistically relevant posts, and that the site is kept free of spam. All of these facts combine to make us the premier source for academic and professional positions in linguistics.

Job Posting Process and Policies

In order to accurately and completely reflect the vacancy you are hoping to fill, and to help you attract the best possible candidates for your position, all job postings must adhere to the posting policies and be relevant to the field of linguistics. Please visit the Job Posting Policy page to learn about LINGUIST List job announcement policies before submitting your announcement.

Please note that LINGUIST List does not serve as an intermediary between the employer and the job applicant. Application dossiers and responses to positions must be made to the contact names specified in the posting.

Rate and Payment

The fee for posting a job announcement is $125 USD. A late fee of $30 USD will be applied if payment is not received within 90 days of submission. The LINGUIST List accepts payment via check, credit card, and wire transfer. To learn more about payment policies and options, please refer to the LINGUIST List Payment Information page.

How to submit a job announcement

Submitting a job to the LINGUIST List is an easy four step process:

  1. Tell LINGUIST how to contact you, in case we have questions about your announcement. This information will not be publicly displayed.
  2. Enter the job description, including the relevant linguistic fields, languages, job rank, the address to which applications should be sent (either hard copy or electronic), and the contact details you would like publicly displayed.
  3. Choose a method of payment.
  4. Verify that your job announcement is correct, and submit it to the LINGUIST List.

Once submitted, the job announcement is reviewed and approved by our editorial staff. This process may take up to 48 hours. Once approved, the announcement is automatically posted to the LINGUIST List.