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Web Resources
  Learning Langs other than English:

  • Languages Home: Words and phrases in 20 Indian languages. (04-Oct-2007)

  • Natural Languages:

  • History of Kannada Language: Dr. Jyotsna Kamat traces the roots of Dravidian language Kannada and discusses various literary movements over the centuries. (19-Oct-2004)

  • Projects & Research Sites:

  • Indian Scripts Input System (ISIS): Indian Scripts Input System (ISIS) is a set of freely downloadable Keyman(TM)-based software keyboards for typing Indian scripts in Unicode. ISIS is intuitive, mnemonic and very easy to learn. It covers almost all of the major Indian scripts on a single keyboard layout. ISIS is also available on Linux. (21-Jul-2004)

  • Software: Other Software Tools:

  • ISIS: Indian Scripts Input System (ISIS) is a set of easy-to-use, mnemonic software keyboards for Indian scripts. ISIS is Unicode-compliant and covers almost all major Indian scripts with a single keyboard layout. (22-May-2004)