Hi I'm Bryn. I am a linguistic data analyst for the ELCat/ELP projects and the conference calls editor at the LINGUIST List. I have been fascinated by languages as far back as I can remember, since as a preschool-aged child I begged my mother to teach me any Spanish words she knew and pouted when I exhausted her vocabulary.

I got my BA in Linguistics and Russian Language and Literature from the University of Michigan in 2011, where I wrote an undergraduate honors thesis about the endangered Veps language of northwest Russia. I attended the MA program in Linguistics (Language Documentation and Conservation) at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa for one semester before returning to my home state of Michigan and transferring to Eastern Michigan University in Fall 2013. My main interests are language documentation and revitalization, minority language rights, and technology for language documentation, learning, and teaching.

Outside linguistics, I enjoy yelling about baseball (Go Tigers!), getting lost in new cities with my husband Brian, playing guitar and saxophone, and conjecturing about the inner thought processes of my goofy pug dog Clarence and my fluffy cat Muffin.

Clarence, dressed for success for his day at the LL office

Muffin and the best bed I've ever bought her