Jacob Collard


Jacob Collard


Around six years ago I stumbled across the field of linguistics by accident. I had thought about studying foreign and ancient languages a little by that point, and wandered into the linguistics section of the library to look for something about ancient languages. I read a few of the books that I checked out, which were focused on historical linguistics, and found that I also needed to learn phonetics and phonology to be able to pronounce anything. From there, I kept studying more and more linguistics.

At this point, my interests have changed and developed. My focus is now endangered language documentation, particularly in terms of syntax, semantics, and the bond between the two. I've also done work in computational linguistics (on the undeciphered Voynich manuscript) and bits and pieces of other subfields, including language education (during volunteer work for SAIVUS ) and the McGurk effect (during a 9th grade science project).

I'm currently studying linguistics and computer science at Swarthmore College, where I've also taken a few interesting classes in quantum physics, relativity, and religion. The rest of my time is spent studying logic, religion, and occasionally physics, with breaks for food, reading, and writing.