Karrie Kuecker

Current student editor


I am currently a first year graduate student at Eastern Michigan University, and have been at linguist list since Fall of 2010. Currently, I edit the Ask-A-Linguist section, and also help out with LINGUIST List documentation. This has allowed me the opportunity to blend my undergraduate work in technical communications with my current course of study, linguistics.

My path to linguistics was a strange one, filled with many turns and roundabouts. My original course of study was done at Michigan Technological University, where I graduated from in 2004 with a B.A. in Scientific and Technical Communication. During that time, I was studying German and I also had the opportunity to live and study in Prague, Czech Republic for a year. This helped me to gain a deeper understanding of language, and also introduced me to the concept of "linguistics." Unfortunately, it took spending 5 years in the corporate world to show me that I would enjoy being an academic much more than a corporate professional! At that point, I decided to go back to school, and entered Eastern Michigan University as a second bachelor's student in the Linguistics program. After one year, I was accepted into the graduate program. While still very new to the field of linguistics, I'm still fascinated by it all. My current interests lie in the realm of sociolinguistics and phonetics/phonology, but there's such a wide range of topics out there, I look forward to learning more about as I delve deeper into the realm of linguistics.