Michael Appleby

Michael Appleby

Program Coordinator, Listserv Administrator


In LINGUIST years, and not counting Helen or Anthony, I am the second oldest person here. My main roles are producing and editing web pages, correspondence, overseeing conversion of data to Unicode, Listserv administration and basic server management. If you have a question about any of these things, please send me an email.

I studied linguistics as an undergraduate at the University of Durham in Great Britain. It is only about thirty miles away from my home city of Newcastle, so it is quite a contrast coming all the way to Michigan to work on LINGUIST. However, the opportunity of doing so more than makes up for the little extra planning it takes to go home for Christmas.

I speak a Tyneside dialect of English ('Geordie') and it was my interest in this that first got me into linguistics. I still find language change and language variation interesting, especially in terms of phonetics and phonology.

I enjoy listening to the radio, especially BBC radio comedy and 'Car Talk' on US National Public Radio. Like at least half of the LINGUIST List crew, I am also a big fan of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.