Monica Lesher

Linguist List Intern

I fell into linguistics quite by accident. After dropping my original major in school I took an interesting-sounding course in English linguistics and it was love at first class. My great-grandparents emigrated to the U.S. from Germany, but unfortunately they did not wish to conserve the language within our family, German not having been a very popular language at the time. So I took it up in high school and have been studying it ever since. Iím a Michigan native and recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University where I studied English Linguistics, German Language and Literature and Philosophy. While in school I also participated in an intensive German immersion program through Portland State University in Oregon as well as attended a semester abroad in spring and summer of 2012 at Justus-Liebig Universitšt in GieŖen, Germany. As an intern, Iíll be working mostly on the project Multi-Tree. While I donít have a linguistic specialty yet per se, I havenít yet met a linguistic topic I didnít like and I look forward to expanding my knowledge of linguistics here at LINGUIST List this summer.