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Lynching Documentary

Date Submitted: 19-Feb-2007
From: Christine Christopher
Subject: Lynching Documentary
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Institution/Organization: ImageWordSound

Notice: Dear Friends,

I am the producer of a new documentary film, currently in production with
support from the Independent Television Service (ITVS) -- the leading
supporter of independently produced film intended for public broadcasting.

As such, I am interesting in locating a linguist who has an interest in, or
can speak to, "lynching linguistics" -- lynching references used in the
cultural today (such as sports and political blogs), the evolution of the
term lynching to mean something more akin to character assassination as
opposed to corporal assassination, and lynching-based idiomatic phrases such
as "if I don't finish this project, my boss is going to string me up," or,
"this going to be some kind of necktie party."

Do you have any recommendations?

Christine Christopher