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Copy of MonoConc 2.0 Software and Manual available

Date Submitted: 02-Apr-2007
From: Jessica Wilson
Subject: Copy of MonoConc 2.0 Software and Manual available
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Notice: I began a course in Linguistics that I was not able to complete. I have a copy of the MonoConc software (with user manual) that I purchased for the class and cannot return because I unwrapped the bundled package. This CD has not been used and it comes with the user manual.

I'm asking $35 for the pair, which is what I paid. I'm also asking for the buyer to pay for shipping.

This is way below the normal price; the normal cost of the software is $85 and the manual is $20, bringing the total to over $100. I would like to unload it, as I have no use for it, but would hate to throw it out. If anyone's interested, please contact me at and I will send it to you.

Hope someone can use it.
Thank you very much.