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Different meanings of "assez"

Date Submitted: 12-Mar-2007
From: Martine Thivierge-Bournival
Subject: Different meanings of "assez"
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Institution/Organization: Queen's University

Notice: I am a master student in French linguistic at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. My thesis subject is the syntax and semantics of adverb «assez» (enough) in French. I am interested in the different readings of assez:

degree adverb (J’ai assez mangé. / I ate enough)

completion adverb (Luc a assez terminé de peinturer sa chambre. / Luc has almost finished to peint his room.)

and frequency adverb (Marie est assez allée au cinema. / Marie went enough often to the theater.)

Unfortunately, I am having a hard time finding references on the semantics of 'enough' or completion adverbials in general. I would like to know if someone knows about a thesis or a paper about «assez» or «enough» and the different meanings these adverbs can have in French, English or other languages.

Thanks a lot for your help,
Martine Thivierge-Bournival