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Help Needed

Date Submitted: 31-Oct-2007
From: Alma Jahic
Subject: Help Needed
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Notice: Deal all,
I have recently finished my master thesis on the topic Textual Analysis of the Use of Source Texts and I am supposed to defend it in about a month and a half. However, I have a small problem. In my work I used Chapter 5 'Acquisition: some characteristics' from Johnson, Keith (2001), An Introduction to Foreign Language Learning and Teaching by Longman. Since I needed only this chapter from the book I photocopied it because only one copy of the book was available at our library and I needed to constantly work with it. The photocopy was very bad and page numbers are not visible and since the only copy of the book got lost (or stolen) from the library I am unable to provide appropriate in-text citations since I lack page numbers. To make the matters worse I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina where it is not so easy to obtain this book, so I would like to ask anyone in possession of this book and willing to help to simply send me the number of the page on which Chapter 5 of this book begins. I can be reached at the following e mail address: Thank You all in advance!
Alma Jahic