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Book of proverbs

Date Submitted: 03-Feb-2008
From: Mrinal Kanti Nath
Subject: Book of proverbs
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Institution/Organization: Calcutta University

Notice: I need the following book:
A dictionary of the proverbs in England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. A collection of the proverbs found in English literature and the dictionaries of the period by Morris Palmer Tilley. Can any linguist help me with this book? The book was published by University of Michigan in 1955, and only a few copies were printed after the death of the author. I am currently working on a dictonary of Bengli proverbs, that is, compiling a dictionary of proverbs on lexicographical principles, not a mere collection of proverbs arranged alphabetically (on the first word of the first line of the proverb) but on the significant key words of the proverbs. Any help would be highly appreciated.