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Online linguistics courses/degree programs

Date Submitted: 30-Sep-2009
From: Sofia Javed
Subject: Online linguistics courses/degree programs
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Notice: Hello linguists,

I'm interested in suggestions for quality online or distance learning
linguistics courses/degree programs. I'd like to start with introductory
level courses and have the option of continuing. I've found a couple just
by searching the internet. But I'd like to know if the experts out there
have certain programs they'd prefer.

A bit about me. I have been a student/speaker of a number of languages in
the past ten years: English, Urdu, French, Arabic, Uzbek, Russian, Tajik,
Turkish, Swahili, Irish, Luganda. I've worked in language teaching and
translation/interpretation. Some day, I would like to study preservation of
'dying languages', perhaps in a PhD program.

But I have not formally studied linguistics. I have a BS in Journalism and
an MA in International Peace Studies. I'm also interested in the politics
of languages in conflict situations. And I find creoles and pidgins fascinating

I'm working in Iraq right now and have a lot of free time after work hours.
It seems an online course or two would be a good idea to get my feet wet in

Please let me know if there are any great courses or degree programs
available online. Any advice will be much appreciated.

Many thanks,
Sofia Javed