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What journals can publish my article on Slavonic languages?

Date Submitted: 24-Jan-2004
From: Yuri Tambovtsev
Subject: What journals can publish my article on Slavonic languages?
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Notice: Dear linguistlist colleagues, some of the texts in my corpora are
short, but some are rather long. My Old Turkic corpus is only 5,000
phonemes. Belorussian corpus is also rather small: only 30,000
phonemes. I compared Belorussian sound picture to those of Ukrainian,
Old Russian (50,000 phonemes), modern Russian (2 million phonemes),
Czech, Slovak, and my other 156 languages in my corpora of the world
languages. However, my results are not published since I found no
journal which would be interested in publishing my article. Do you
know any? Could you send me the e-mail addresses of some editors of
some possible journals?

My phonostatistical comparison showed that Belorussian is very much
close to the OLd Russian texts I used. I guess we could work together
on a joint grant. A joint conference is also a good idea. I welcome
any sort of co-operation. Now I have added Udeghe, a Tungus-Manchurian
language to my corpora. I also plan to compare the modern languages
with some dead languages like Old Turkic or Kamasin. Looking forward
to hearing about some joint project or any other sort of co-operation
in the field of typology and phonetics to

Please, send me your messages to this e-mail address since the other
one is overloaded with spam.

Be well, remain yours sincerely
Prof. Yuri Tambovtsev