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Fun Linguistic Website:

Date Submitted: 15-Dec-2009
From: Katey Szum
Subject: Fun Linguistic Website:
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Notice: Dear Linguists,

I am writing to invite you to visit and help populate my accent website. is newly launched in its beta stage: it is a website that will showcase the American accent. On the site there is a map of the U. S., broken down into counties. My goal is to populate the site with one accent from each county in the U. S. I have very far to go and I'd like your help. If you know someone or are someone with an accent that people ask about or imitate, add that accent to the website.

To participate you must call a toll free number and speak a list of ten words, just as though you are leaving a message on an answering machine. You don't need any fancy devices, just a phone. Then you must enter in your zip code (and former zip codes if you've moved) so that we can add your accent to the map. It is also necessary to include the phone number from which you called. If you do not include that number I will not be able to match your data record to the accent. Rest assured that I will not be using the information you've given me for anything except this website: see the privacy policy on the site for more information.

I am hoping that you will find this website entertaining and helpful once the site is populated with more accents.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your help.

Katey Szum