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Looking for books translated in many languages

Date Submitted: 04-Jan-2010
From: Annemarie Verkerk
Subject: Looking for books translated in many languages
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Notice: Hello everybody! Thanks in advance for your time...

I have a rather practical question. In order to do some comparative work, I'm looking for translations of books that have been translated in many languages. Of course, the Bible is the most translated book, but that doesn't work for my purposes. I'm actually looking for popular books that have been published in many languages, such as Alice in Wonderland, Le Petit Prince, and Harry Potter. For now, I'm only looking at Indo-European languages.

My problem is that it is very difficult to find translations of books in Indo-Aryan and especially Iranian languages. These (except for the occasional Persian or Hindi book) are not mentioned on the Index Translationum or on Worldcat. Do you have any advice for me as how to search for such books? It would also suffice if I could get my hands on 'illegal translations'. It would be possible for me to pay people to locate and gloss translations through my institute, so any advice on companies that do such work would be very helpful as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
all the best,
Annemarie Verkerk