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Request for assistance in deciphering an ancient scroll

Date Submitted: 20-May-2010
From: Martial Frechette
Subject: Request for assistance in deciphering an ancient scroll
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Institution/Organization: Private Collector

Notice: There is an ancient scroll that no one can read or interpret. The top Dead Sea scroll person in America has no idea what it says. The scroll itself has gone through multi-spectral scanning. There are files that exists which give explicit images but no one up to this point can even say what language is. This can be one of the greatest finds of recent history and no one can read it. Looking for someone who needs a challenge. Someone who is tenacious and hard working someone who can meet the challenge and bust this code.

The ancient scroll's dimensions are approximately 20 inches long 2 ½ inches wide 0.30 thousands of an inch thick, it's made out of copper with symbols which have been hammered or stamped into it.