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Drawing Syntax Trees with a Computer

Date Submitted: 22-Oct-2010
From: Aleksandr Auzers
Subject: Drawing Syntax Trees with a Computer
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Notice: If it's not too much trouble, could you please recommend a
user-friendly application for drawing syntax trees (that's
available for Macintosh)? I've tried a few (Syntactica, for
example), but invariably they're either a) difficult to learn and
use and/or b) sloppily ported to Mac. I'm wondering if there's a
'gold standard' out there that I'm unfamiliar with. I'm just an
undergraduate; what do the pros use?

Incidentally, I'm aware of the 'phpSyntaxTree' web app
(available at ), which doesn't
strike me as particularly robust or easy to use. Perhaps you'll

Thanks for your help!