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Multi-Talker Babble Noise Resource

Date Submitted: 12-Nov-2010
From: Philip Jaekl
Subject: Multi-Talker Babble Noise Resource
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Notice: Hi All,

I'm a postdoctoral researcher currently preparing an experiment which tests speech comprehension in noise - an initial venture for me.

Specifically, I would like to add multi-talker babble noise to the audio track of an audiovisual stimulus (.avi videos). I am looking specifically for 6-speaker babble noise, preferably 3 female and 3 male speakers. Ideally, I would like to use Spanish babble noise, but if the babble is spoken in English, I think it should be fine (I'm a bit skeptical as to whether Spanish babble noise has ever been created!)

Is there a free resource for such noise? Or, if anyone on this list can donate their babble-noise from a previous experiment (or can refer me to someone who might be willing to), I would be more than happy to make an acknowledgement in any potential publications.

Basically, I'm looking for babble-noise or someone who can refer me to a potential resource.

Thanks very much!