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Native English Speakers Needed for Bilingualism and Ageing study

Date Submitted: 05-Jan-2012
From: Merel Keijzer
Subject: Native English Speakers Needed for Bilingualism and Ageing study
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Institution/Organization: Utrecht University

Notice: My name is Merel Keijzer and I am an assistant professor of Linguistics at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, specialising in second language acquisition, first language attririton and bilingualism and ageing.

I am currently in Melbourne where I'm a visiting scholar at Monash University and collecting data from Dutch immigrants. In particular, the data collection is part of a four-year research program on the language reversion among elderly Dutch migrants (a line of research started by Michael Clyne and Kees de Bot) and, in addition, I want to see if late bilinguals can attenuate some of the general cognitive decline that often accompanies advanced agee (a continuation of Bialystok's work, but this time focusing on late rather than early bilinguals). I have now tested most of my 60 Dutch immigrants using a test battery that combines general language tests and cognitive measures. However, I am struggling to find my 60 native English-speaking control subjects. Ideally, these 60 people would be divided over three age groups, 20 in each group: 40-45 year-olds, 60-65 year-olds and 75+-ers. But time is getting very tight for us now. We only have three more weeks of testing left and still need about 35 subjects and at this stage we're happy to accept anyone between 35 and 100 years The reason I am placing this ad is because I am hoping that someone might know someone who might know someone willing to participate. If you know someone, please forward my request to your colleagues or even to personal contacts in the Melbourne area who might be interested. A more elaborate description of my project can be found on my personal website: Testing ideally takes place at Monash University Clayton Campus, but can also be done on location if that is more convenient. Each session lasts about 1.5 hours max and subjects are given 20 dollars for their time and effort. I would also be more than willing to do a talk at the University of Melbourne in case you think this might help. I am very grateful for any help you might be able to offer me.

All best wishes,

Merel Keijzer