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Translation of a Passage by Olympiodorus

Date Submitted: 19-Mar-2012
From: Claudio Lo Monaco
Subject: Translation of a Passage by Olympiodorus
Contact Email: click here to access email

Notice: I’m working on a research in which I also try to analyze a “vexata
quaestio” that puzzled many historians: with whom the usurper
Constantine III went when he left Britain to Gaul - with a full army or
with a couple of generals to put at the head of the troops stationed in

On the net I found this translation of a passage by Olympiodorus: “he
appointed Justinus and Neovigastes as generals, and leaving Britain,
crossed with his forces to Bononia.”

The original Greek text reads: “ou(=tos *)iousti=non kai\\ *neobiga/sthn
strathgou\\s probalo/menos, kai\\ ta\\s *brettani/as e)a/sas, peraiou=tai
a(/ma tw=n au)tou= e)pi\\ *bonwni/an.”

I’m wondering if “a(/ma tw=n au)tou=” is correctly rendered as “with his
forces, [= with his own men]” or has to be rendered as “together with
them,” where them stands for the two generals. My Greek is too poor
to solve the question, so I hope to get a help from you.