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Phonetic/sound symbolism question

Date Submitted: 24-Jul-2012
From: Kenneth Price
Subject: Phonetic/sound symbolism question
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Notice: I am interested in writing a work of fantasy, and have been jotting down an outline with various characters.

My question: When inventing the name of a character, various sounds have an implied meaning such as Balrog, Azog and Gothmog Morgoth, all bad guys from Lord of the Rings, Magog from the Bible, Darth Vader or Sith, from Star Wars. I am fairly certain there is a branch of linguistic study that deals with the implied meanings of sounds made by specific syllables and would like to know more about the subject. Could someone point me in the right direction or name the field of study. Some other syllables might include ick, uck, and gore.

Contrarily, there are syllables that denote good such as the 'lu' sound in illuminate and Luke Skywalker.

All help is appreciated.