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In search of original copy of hard to find book

Date Submitted: 01-Oct-2012
From: Josef Fioretta
Subject: In search of original copy of hard to find book
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Notice: Dear Fellow Linguists:

In short, for more than a year and a half, I have racked my brains trying to obtain the original 1999 version of the following book in ONE VOLUME:

Volume 5 Clitics in the Languages of Europe ISBN-10:3110157519 Edited by Henk van Riemsdijk, Mouton de Gruyter, 1999.

Many websites advertise this book providing the 1999 publication date; however, in reality ,even though the date of publication listed is 1999, the book may actually be a print-on-demand version (2010) of the original 1999 version.

The above volume also comes in two books, namely, part 1 and part 2. This version is a print-on-demand version (2010) and therefore has the SAME ISBN number, to complicate matters even more. I do not want this book divided into two parts for I have the other original seven volumes. Breaking up the volume into two parts disrupts the set; in addition, the color of the print-on-demand books is a darker green color.

I surely hope you will be able to provide information for me to obtain this book in ONE VOLUME or know other people who worked on the '20-{1-8}' series who may provide help.

Do you happen to know who might have a spare copy of the original ONE-volume book that one would not mind selling to me?

Please get back to me when you can and let me now whether you have any leads re: the original version of this book.

Many thanks for your help regarding this matter.

With best regards,

Josef Fioretta
Professor of Linguistics
Hofstra University