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BBC Oetzi Programme: Language

Date Submitted: 12-Aug-2004
From: katherine churcher
Subject: BBC Oetzi Programme: Language
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Notice: I work at a television production company in the UK. We are currently producing a BBC drama-documentary about Oetzi, the mummified body found in the Tyrolean Alps in 1991 that is believed to date from about 3200 BC. A large part of the film will involve reconstructing what life might have been like at Oetzi's time and as part of this task we will need to have the actors speaking a language similar to that which Oetzi may have spoken. I would most appreciate any thoughts on the kind of language that Oetzi may have spoken and also any suggestions about what kind of language you think we could use for the production.

There is also a possibility that we may need a linguist to assist our voice-coach on the project. Could any interested parties please get in touch.

Many thanks.

Katie Churcher