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Total phoneme sets in sentences

Date Submitted: 04-Feb-2006
From: Thomas E. Zurinskas
Subject: Total phoneme sets in sentences
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Institution/Organization: Truespel Foundation

Notice: Please email me a sound file of a short sentence/story in a major language other than English containing all the sounds (phonemes) of that language. An example in USA English is: “That quick beige fox jumped in the air over each thin dog. Look out, I shout, for he’s foiled you again.” Please give the English translation and phonetic notation in whatever system you are using and what dialect it is. An example is “That kwik baezh faaks jumpd in thee air oever eech thhin daug. Look out, ie shout, for heez foild yue uggen. – general American English (as from in truespel notation. I’ll collect these and post them at truespelwiki with truespel notation in order to continue the evaluation of applying an English-based keyboard friendly phonetic notation to the sounds of the world first stated in “Truespel Book One.”

Tom Zurinskas
Creator of truespel