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Genders for certain Arabic words

Date Submitted: 28-Jul-2006
From: Sarah Harmon
Subject: Genders for certain Arabic words
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Institution/Organization: UT Austin

Notice: In working on my dissertation topic--gender in Romance--I am following the etymologies of certain words. I have what I need, save for some words which were derived from Classical Arabic words. I have glosses for most of them, and I need genders for all of them. I have zero ability to read Arabic script, and so the bilingual Arabic dictionaries available are useless to me, since I can't look up the words. If anyone can tell me the gender of the following words, I would highly appreciate it:

qadi 'judge' (I'm guessing this one is masculine?)
rukn/rukun (possibly meaning 'corner'? > Sp. rincon)
hasana 'good work'
batil 'free' (I was told via Corrominas that this was a noun, but it seems like an adjective to me.)
qirba 'wineskin; drunkard'
garf 'fist'

Again, thank you in advance for your help.

Sarah Harmon
Doctoral Candidate, Romance Linguistics
The University of Texas