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The LINGUIST List is dedicated to providing information on language and language analysis, and to providing the discipline of linguistics with the infrastructure necessary to function in the digital world. LINGUIST is a free resource, run by linguistics students and faculty, and supported by your donations. Please support LINGUIST List during the 2017 Fund Drive.

The LINGUIST Directory FOR X

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Aris  Xanthos   University of Lausanne
Maria  Francisca   Xavier  
Zeng  Xi  
Cuijun  Xia   Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies, Zhejiang University
Daphne  Xia   Huazhong Normal University
Fei  Xia   University of Pennsylvania
Jing  Xia   Arizona State University
Lili  Xia   Eastern Michigan University
Lu  Xia  
Pu  Xia  
Qiong  Xia   University of Maryland
Saihua  Xia  
Xiaoyan  Xia  
Mingyou  Xiang  
Wesley  Xiang  
Yunhua  Xiang   Ji Lin University
Guo  Xianghao   Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Zhào  Xiāngrú  
Ji  Xianling  
Fan  Xianlong  
Zhou  Xianwu  
Wang  Xianzheng   Qinghai Medical College
Feng  Xiao   Carnegie Mellon University
Hong  Xiao   University of Canterbury
Richard  Xiao   Lancaster University
Xiaosui  Xiao   Hong Kong Baptist University
Yang  Xiao   University of Hong Kong
Hu  Xiaoqiong   Three Gorges University
Fang  Xiaoqiu  
Zhang  Xiaorong   Anhui University
Chaoqun  Xie   Fujian Normal University
Huimin  Xie   Tulane University
Jianping  Xie  
Jinsha  Xie   Anhui University
Li  Xie   Zhejiang University
Si Qiong  Xie  
Xinyang  Xie   Chinese Academy of Social Science
Zhiguo  Xie   Cornell University
Lois  Ximena   Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Yiying  Xin   Kyorin University
Zhiying  Xin   Sun Yat-sen University
Janet  Zhiqun   Xing   Western Washington University
Peiling  Xing  
Hao  Xinrong   Harbin Institute of Technology
Zuo  Xiulan   Dalian Maritime University
Viktor  S.   Xrakovskij   Institute of Linguistic Research at the Russian Academy of Sciences
Viktor S.  Xrakovskij   Russian Academy of Sciences
Daming  Xu   Nanjing University
Dan  Xu   Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Paris, France
Ding  Xu   Universiteit Leiden
Hongying  Xu   University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Jaznie  Xu  
Jie  Xu   National University of Singapore
Jun  Xu   Hunan University
Laura  Xu  
Mark  Xu  
Minhui  Xu  
Ruifeng  Xu  
Siqun  Xu   Harbin Institute of Technology
Weiyuan  Xu   Australian National University
Xing  Xu   (personal interest - not currently working at a university)
Xingren  Xu   Pennsylvania State University
Yaoda  Xu   Harvard University
Yi  Xu   University of Pittsburgh
Yulong  Xu  
Zheng  Xu   National University of Singapore
Lei  Xuan   University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Winfred  Xuan   Sun Yat-sen University
Quang  Xuan Do   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Wu  Xudong  
Carrie  Xue  
Mei  Xue   Aarhus University, Denmark
Naiwen  Xue   University of Pennsylvania
Nianwen  Xue   Brandeis University
Ping  Xue  
Yaoqin  Xue   Taiyuan Institute of Technology
He  Xueguang   Laboratoire des langues et civilisations à tradition orale
Zeng  Xuli   Zhanjiang Normal College
Wu  Xuyan  
George  J .   Xydopoulos   University of Patras