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Personal Directory Information

Name: Beatrice  Szczepek Reed
Institution: University of York
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: United Kingdom   
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Discourse Analysis
Specialty: Conversation Analysis, Phonetics/Phonology, Intercultural Communication, TESOL
Selected Publications: Books
• Szczepek Reed, B. & Raymond, G. (Eds.) (2013): Units of Talk – Units of Action. Amsterdam: Benjamins.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2010a): Analysing Conversation: An Introduction to Prosody. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2006a): Prosodic Orientation in English Conversation. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Selected publications in refereed journals and edited volumes:

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2013) Glottal stops and word linking as resources for multi-unit turn construction in German talk-in-interaction: Initial observations. Gesprächsforschung 14, 8-30.

• Szczepek Reed, B. and Reed, D. (2013): Building an instructional project: Actions as components of music masterclasses. In: B. Szczepek Reed and G. Raymond (Eds.) Units of Talk – Units of Action. Amsterdam: Benjamins. Pp. 313-341.

• Szczepek Reed, B., Reed, D. and Haddon, E. (2013): NOW or NOT NOW: Coordinating restarts in the pursuit of learnables in musical masterclasses. Research on Language and Social Interaction. 46(1), 22-46.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2012a): Beyond the particular: Prosody and the coordination of actions. Language and Speech. 55(1), 12-33.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2012b): A conversation analytic perspective on teaching English pronunciation: The case of speech rhythm. International Journal of Applied Linguistics. 22(1), 67-87.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2012c): “Prosody, syntax and action formation: intonation phrases as ‘action components’”, in Bermann, P., Brenning, J., Pfeiffer, M. and Reber, E. (eds.) Prosody and Embodiment in Interactional Grammar, Berlin: de Gruyter, 142-169.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2012d): Prosody in conversation: Implications for teaching English pronunciation. In: Romero-Trillo, J. (Ed.) Pragmatics, Prosody and English Language Teaching. London: Springer. 147-168.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2012e): Conversation Analysis: Conversation Analysis and prosody. In: Carol A. Chapelle, (Ed.) The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2012f): Phonetics and Phonology: Suprasegmentals: Prosody in discourse. In: Carol A. Chapelle, (Ed.) The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2012g): Analysis of Discourse and Interaction: Rhythm and timing in interaction. In: Carol A. Chapelle, (Ed.) The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

• Hughes, R. & Szczepek Reed, B. (2011): Learning about speech by experiment: Issues in the investigation of spontaneous talk within the experimental research paradigm. Applied Linguistics. 32(2), 197-214.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2010b): Speech rhythm across turn transitions in cross-cultural talk-in-interaction. Journal of Pragmatics. 42(4), 1037-59.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2010c): Prosody and alignment: A sequential perspective. Cultural Studies of Science Education 5(4). 859-867.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2010d): Intonation phrases in natural conversation: A participants’ category? In: Barth-Weingarten, D., Reber, E. and Selting, M. (Eds.) Prosody in Interaction. Amsterdam: Benjamins. Pp. 191-212.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Prosodic Orientation in English Conversation
 Analysing Conversation
 Units of Talk – Units of Action
Courses Taught: - Conversation Analysis
- Interactional Linguistics
- Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Language and Discourse
- Prosody in Conversation
- Practical Phonetics and Phonology
- Phonetic Transcription
- Spoken English: Form and Function
- Teaching and Assessing Speaking Skills
- Approaches to English Language Teaching
- Teaching World English
- Introduction to Linguistics
- English Linguistics
- Planning and Communicating Research
- Speaking Skills for Language Professionals
Reviewer of: English Pronunciation Models: A Changing Scene (LL Issue 21.2408)
Review: Phonetics: Canepari (2007) (LL Issue 19.437)
Practical Phonetics and Phonology (LL Issue 19.3803)
Researching English Language: A Resource Book for Students (LL Issue 22.2546)
Conversation Analysis and Language for Specific Purposes (LL Issue 19.2188)
Talk in Action (LL Issue 21.4627)
The Handbook of Conversation Analysis (LL Issue 24.2865)

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