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Name: Ruba  Fahmi  Bataineh
Institution: Yarmouk University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Jordan   
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Discourse Analysis
Language Acquisition
Specialty: TESOL
Subject Language(s): English
Selected Publications: (selection)
Bani Hani, Nedal A. and Ruba F. Bataineh. Merits and Demerits of CALL Implementation as Perceived by Jordanian Basic Stage EFL Teachers.( Forthcoming, 2013) International Journal of Applied Educational Studies, 14(1)
Bataineh, Ruba F., Raghd Y. Al-Rabadi, and Oqlah M. Smadi. (Dec 2013). Fostering Jordanian University Students’ Communicative Performance through Literature-Based Instruction. The TESOL Journal, 4(4), 655-673. First Published online: 29 NOV 2012. DOI: 10.1002/tesj.61
Al-Omari, Khalid, Ruba F. Bataineh, and Akram Al-Omari. (2013) Jordanian Teachers’ Perceptions of the Editorial Changes of First Grade Action Pack Textbook. University of Sharjah Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 9(1), 1-28. (ISSN: 1996-2339) (In Arabic:آراء معلمي الصف الأول الأساسي الأردنيين حول ملامح تحديث كتاب اللغة الإنجليزية لهذا الصف )
Baniabdelrahman, Abdallah A. and Ruba F. Bataineh (2012). The Effect of the Medium of Assessment on ESL Children’s Achievement in Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Journal of King Saud University (Educational Sciences and Islamic Studies), 24(4),15-22

Bataineh, Rula F., Ruba F. Bataineh, and Mohammad Al-Muhasien (2012). The Pedagogical Value of UAE English Skills Textbooks as Perceived by Supervisors and Teachers in Al-Ain Educational Zone in the United Arab Emirates. Journal of Educational and Psychological Sciences (University of Bahrain), 13(2), 11-35
Bataineh, Ruba F. and Nedal A. Bani Hani. (2011). The Effect of a CALL Program on Jordanian Sixth-Grade Students’ Achievement. Teaching English with Technology (Journal of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), 11(3), 3-24, Available on line at

Bataineh, Rula F., Ruba F. Bataineh, and Samiha S. Thabet. (2011). EFL Teachers' Knowledge of and Classroom Subscription to Communicative Language Teaching: Embraced or Lip-Serviced? Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 2(4), 859-866. ISSN: 17984769

Al-Barakat, Ali A. and Ruba F. Bataineh (2011). Preservice Childhood Education Teachers’ Perceptions of Instructional Practices for Developing Young Children's Interest in Reading. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 25(2): 177-193. DOI: 10.1080/02568543.2011.556520. ISSN: 0256-8543 (Print), 2150-2641 (Online)

Bataineh, Ruba F., Emad K. Qublan, and Rula F. Bataineh (2010). The Compatibility of Total English with the Arab Islamic Culture as Revealed by Content Analysis and Jordanian EFL Instructors' and Students' Views. Lagos Papers in English Studies (University of Lagos, Nigeria), 5: 212-231. Available on line at

Bataineh, Ruba F. and Ali A. Al-Barakat (2009). Jordanian Early Primary Stage Teachers’ Self-Reported Practices to Develop their Pupils' Reading in Arabic. Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies, 14(2): 65-92. Available online at
Al-Barakat, Ali A. and Ruba F. Bataineh. (2008). Jordanian Student Teachers' Use of Computers to Develop Primary Stage Pupils' Literacy Skills. International Journal of Educational Development Using ICT, 4(4). Available online at 598&layout=html
Courses Taught: (Selection)
C&I 722 Research Seminar in TEFL
C&I 720 Current Trends and Issues in TEFL
C&I 724 Issues and Trends in Bilingualism
C&I 721 Analysis of EFL Textbooks and Curricula
C&I 723 Seminar in EFL Teacher Training
C&I 727 Computerized EFL Instruction
C&I 615a TEFL Theories and Methods
C&I 618 Miscue Analysis
C&I 617 First and Second Language Acquisition
C&I 619 Applied Linguistics
C&I 651 Research Methods in TEFL
C&I 654 Assessment and Language Teaching
C&I 656 Language Planning
C&I 692 Discourse Analysis
C&I 300 Selected Readings in Education

LC 100 Communication Skills (University Requirement of all Undergraduate Students)
LC 403 Remedial English for Graduate Students (3)
E 202 &206 Writing 1 & 2: The Paragraph and Writing the Essay
E 359 Modern Anglo-American Prose
E 272 Listening Comprehension
E 273 Conversational Skills
E 275 Vocabulary Building
E 276 & 371 Writing 1 & 2: Intermediate & Advanced Writing
E 372 Applied Linguistics
E 312 History of the English language
E 373 The Short Story
E 374 Functional Grammar
E 378 Advanced Phonetics
E 474 Writing about Literature
E 611a Research Methods (a graduate course)

C&I 335 Curriculum Design
C&I 405 Curriculum Design and Development
C&I 312 & 319 Methods of Teaching English 1 & 2 (for in-service teachers at the Certification Program)
C&I 315 & 316 Methods of Teaching English 1 & 2 (for pre-service teachers at the English Field Teacher Program)
C&I 415 & 417 Methods of Teaching English 1 & 2 (for in-service teachers at the Diploma Program)
C&I 416 Methods of Teaching English Reading and Writing (for in-service teachers at the Diploma Program
Academic Paper Abstract: Jordanian Early Primary Stage Teachers' Self-Reported Practices to Develop Their Pupils' Reading in Arabic

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