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Name: Isabel  Oltra-Massuet
Institution: Rovira i Virgili University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Spain   
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Specialty: Morphology
Subject Language(s): Catalan-Valencian-Balear
Selected Publications: in press. Deverbal Adjectives at the Interface: A Crosslinguistic Investigation into the Morphology, Syntax and Semantics of -ble. Mouton de Gruyter (Series Interface Explorations 28).
in press. “Bare PPs and the syntax-semantics interface”. In Selected Proceedings of the 42nd LSRL. John Benjamins. [With Elena Castroviejo and Isabel Pérez-Jiménez]
in press. “On scalar predicative PPs in Spanish”. In Selected Proceedings of the 20th International Symposium on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. Versita. [With Isabel Pérez-Jiménez]
in press. “On the status of impossible words systematically derived by the grammatical system”. In Proceedings of the Chicago Linguistic Society 47. Chicago: CLS.
in press. “Adverbial cognate objects with unaccusatives in English and Spanish”. In Proceedings from the 33rd Aedean Conference. Cádiz: Universidad de Cádiz.
2013. “Variability and allomorphy in the morphosyntax of Catalan past perfective”. In Ora Matushansky and Alec Marantz (eds.) Distributed Morphology Today. Morphemes for Morris. Cambridge: The MIT Press.
2012. “Notes sobre els adjectius passius modals en alemany i català”. In Pfeiffer, Michael, Teresa Vinardell, and Anna Montané. (eds.) Was mich wirklich interessiert. Homenatge a Jordi Jané. Girona: Documenta Universitaria (Edició Forum), 177-187.
2011. “Sobre la sintaxis de -ble”. In E. Ridruejo et al. (eds.) Actas del IX Congreso Internacional de Lingüística General. Valladolid: Universidad de Valladolid.
2011. “La interacción contabilidad gradabilidad en los SSPP escuetos”, Cuadernos de la Alfal 3: 138-158. [With Isabel Pérez-Jiménez]
2011. “Si ocurrió todo lo ocurrible, ¿por qué no hay *accidentes ocurribles?”. In Morúa Leyva, Ma. del Carmen y Gerardo López Cruz (ed.) Estudios morfológicos, sintácticos, semánticos y de lingüística aplicada. Hermosillo, México: Ed. Universidad de Sonora, 17-46.
2008. “A Distributed Morphology analysis of modal passive adjectives”. In Young-Sun Kim (ed.) Minimalist Explorations of the Syntax-Lexicon Interface. Proceedings of the 10th Seoul International Conference on Generative Grammar. Seoul: Hankuk Publishing Co, 243-262.
2005. “Stress-by-Structure in Spanish”, Linguistic Inquiry, 36.1: 43-84. [With Karlos Arregi]
2000. On the Notion of 'Theme Vowel': A New Approach to Catalan Verbal Morphology. Cambridge, MA: MITOPL.
1999. “On the Constituent Structure of Catalan Verbs”. In K. Arregi, B. Bruening, C. Krause and V. Lin (eds.) Papers on Morphology and Syntax. Cycle One. Cambridge, MA: MITWPL, vol.33, 279-322.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Deverbal Adjectives at the Interface
Courses Taught: English language
English NP Analysis
English VP Analysis
English Grammar
Advanced English Grammar
English morphology
English semantics
English morphosyntax
Pragmatics in the EFL classroom
Reviewer of: The Oxford Reference Guide to English Morphology (LL Issue 26.3043)

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