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Name: Arnaud  Michel André  Fournet
Institution: Université Paris V - Descartes
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State and/or Country: France   
Linguistic Field(s): Phonology
Specialty: Historical Linguistics/L/General Linguistics/L/Phonology
Subject Language(s): Moksha
Chinese, Old
Language Family(ies): Altaic
Selected Publications: Books:
The Indo-European Elements in Hurrian (2010)
Le moksha, une langue ouralienne. (2010) Editions Universitaires Européennes Articles:
EFO : le vocabulaire mordve de Witsen (2008)
Some Comparative and Historical Considerations about Ferdinand de Saussure's distinction between ‘langue’ and ‘langage’ (Revel 8.14) (2010)
What does Berber *H stand for? (Mother Tongue XIV) (2010) (2007)
JNES (2012) About the Hurrian word for ‘god’ eni
Zeitung für Arabische Linguistik. (2011). Some Features of Proto-Arabic Phonemes And the Tenets of the Comparative Method.
Journal of Linguistic Relationships. 2011. Response to Alexei Kassian’s Review of The Indo-European Elements in Hurrian.
The Macro-Comparative Journal. 2010. The Outcome of Afrasian Guttural Proto-Phonemes in Berber.
Journal of Indo-European Studies. 2010. About the Mitanni Aryan gods. (1-2: 26-40)
The Macro-Comparative Journal. 2010. Kartvelian and the Issue of Glottalization in Nostratic.
Aramazd. 2011. About some features of Hurrian loanwords.
Revel. 2011. Michel Bréal (1832–1915), a forgotten precursor of enunciation and subjectivity. (vol. 9.16)
Beiträge zur Geschichte der Sprachwissenchaft. 2011. Quelques éléments historio-graphiques concernant la famille ouralienne aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles.
Beiträge zur Geschichte der Sprachwissenchaft. 2012. Le Mémoire de Ferdinand de Saussure : Des nasales à 16 ans aux laryngales à 21 ans.
Courses Taught: General Linguistics
Reviewer of: The Phoneme: Its Nature and Use (LL Issue 21.3495)

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