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Name: Theodossia-Soula  Pavlidou
Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Greece   
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Subject Language(s): German
Greek, Modern
Selected Publications: 2011 Gender and interaction. In: The SAGE Handbook of Sociolinguistics, R. Wodak, B. Johnstone & P. Kerswill (eds), 412-427. London: Sage.
2011 The challenge of interdisciplinarity: from theoretical claims to interdisciplinary practices in Gender Studies. European Journal of Women’s Studies 18(3): 310-317.
2008 Interactional work in Greek and German telephone conversations. In: Culturally Speaking: Culture, Communication and Politeness Theory, H. Spencer-Oatey (ed.), 2nd edn, 118-135. London: Continuum.
2008 [in Greek] ‘We’ and the construction of (gendered) collectivities. In: Light and Warmth: In Memory of A.-Ph. Christidis, M. Theodoropoulou (ed.), 437-453. Thessaloniki: Center for the Greek Language.
2006 Gender Studies: Trends/Tensions in Greece and other European Countries, edited volume (Greek-English). Thessaloniki: Zitis.
2006 [in Greek] Language-Grammatical Gender-Social Gender, edited volume, 2nd edn. Thessaloniki: Inst. of Modern Greek Studies.
2006 [in Greek] Language-grammatical gender-social gender: problems, inquiries, and the Greek language. In: Language-Grammatical Gender-Social Gender, Th.-S. Pavlidou (ed.), 15-64. Thessaloniki: Inst. of Modern Greek Studies.
2005 Telephone talk. In: Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, W. Bright (ed.), 2nd edn, Vol. 12, 546-548. Amsterdam: Elsevier.
2004 [in Greek] Grammatical gender and semantic content: preliminary remarks on the lexical representation of social gender. Studies in Greek Linguistics 24: 543-553. (with A. Alvanoudi and E. Karafoti)
2003 Patterns of participation in classroom interaction: girls’ and boys’ non-compliance in a Greek high school. Linguistics and Education 14.1: 123-141.
2003 Women, gender and Modern Greek. In: Gender across Languages: The Linguistic Representation of Women and Men, M. Hellinger & H. Bussmann (eds), Vol. III, 175-199. Amsterdam: Benjamins.
2002 Telephone Calls: Unity and Diversity in Conversational Structure across Languages and Cultures, edited volume. Amsterdam: Benjamins. (co-edited with K. K. Luke)
2002 Moving towards closing: telephone calls between familiars. In: Telephone Calls: Unity and Diversity in Conversational Structure across Languages and Cultures, K. K. Luke & Th.-S. Pavlidou (eds), 201-229. Amsterdam: Benjamins.
2001 Politeness in the classroom? Evidence from a Greek high school. In: Linguistic Politeness: The Case of Greece and Turkey, A. Bayraktaroglu & M. Sifianou (eds), 105-136. Amsterdam: Benjamins.
1998 Greek and German telephone closings: patterns of confirmation and agreement. Pragmatics 8: 79-94.
1998 Zum Stellenwert der phatischen Kommunion in einer Theorie der Kommunikation. In: Perspektiven einer Komunikationswissenschaft: Internationales G. Ungeheuer-Symposium, Essen (1995), D. Krallmann & H. W. Schmitz (eds), Vol. 2, 273-284. Münster: Nodus.
1997 The last five turns: preliminary remarks on closings in Greek and German telephone calls. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 126: 196-220.
1994 Contrasting German-Greek politeness and the consequences. Journal of Pragmatics 21: 487-511.
1991 Particles, pragmatic and other. Multilingua 10-1/2: 151-172.
1991 Cooperation and the choice of linguistic means. Journal of Pragmatics 15: 11-42, 1991.
1987 Performative verbs in Modern Greek and their syntactical complements. In: Linguistic Action: Some Empirical Conceptual Studies, J. Verschueren (ed.), 85-94. Norwood: Ablex.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Telephone Calls
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Telephone Calls
Courses Taught: General linguistics, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis, Conversation Analysis, Communication Theory, Language and Gender, Language and Power, Gender and interaction, Methods and Problems in Scientific Research, Gender Studies, etc
Dissertation Director * of: Subjectivity and Self-Presentation in Linguistic Interaction
(Charikleia Kapellidi, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: The Social and Cognitive Dimensions of Grammatical Gender
(Angeliki Alvanoudi, Author)

* This information has been submitted by the dissertation author.

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