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Name: Benjamin  Brosig (IPA: [bɛn.ja.min bʁo.zɪç])
Institution: Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Germany   
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Historical Linguistics
Anthropological Linguistics
Specialty: TAME
Subject Language(s): Mongolian, Halh
Mongolian, Peripheral
Mongolian, Classical
Mongolian, Middle
Selected Publications: Brosig, Benjamin. 2009. Die satzfiniten Aspektmarker des modernen Khalkha-Mongolischen. Bonn: Bonn University. Magister thesis.

Brosig, Benjamin. 2009. Depictives and resultatives in Modern Khalkh Mongolian. In: Hokkaidō gengo bunka kenkyū 7: 71-101.

Brosig, Benjamin. 2009. The function of the suffix -na in Khalkh Mongolian. In: Altai Hakpo 19: 87-112.

Brozig, Benyamin. 2012. bilee sul ügiin utga, hereglee [The meaning and function of the particle bilee]. Hel zohiol sudlal 5 (37): 10-18.

Brosig, Benjamin. 2014. The tense-aspect system of Khorchin Mongolian. In: Pirkko Suihkonen & Lindsay Whaley (eds). Typology of Languages of Europe and Northern and Central Asia. Amsterdam: Benjamins: 3-65.

Brosig, Benjamin. 2014. The aspect-evidentiality system of Middle Mongol. Ural-Altaic studies 13.2: 7-38.

Brosig, Benjamin. 2015. Temperature terms in Khalkha Mongolian. In: Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm (ed.): Linguistics of temperature. Benjamins: 570-593.

Linguistic Bibliography. Most entries on Mongolic between 2003 and 2014.
Courses Taught: Helshinjleliin angli hel [Linguistic English]. Master and doctoral level course, 18 * 1,5 hours, Mongolian National University, from September to November 2013.
Dissertation Abstract: Aspect, Evidentiality and Tense in Mongolian: From Middle Mongol to Khalkha and Khorchin
Reviewer of: Mongolic Phonology and the Qinghai-Gansu Languages (LL Issue 23.2868)
Analysing Secondary Predication in East Asian Languages (LL Issue 24.4359)

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