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Name: Muhammad  Fannami
Institution: University of Maiduguri
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Borno State
Linguistic Field(s): Syntax
Subject Language(s): Kanuri, Central
Selected Publications: PUBLISHED BOOKS
(1). Fannami, M. (2007) Government and Binding Approach to Kanuri Syntax. Desktop Publishers, Maiduguri, Nigeria.

(2). Fannami, M. et al. (2007) Sabsawi Karaguea Kanuribe Nasararo Fasarrata (A collection of Kanuri Wise sayings with English Translation). Desktop Publishers, Maiduguri, Nigerioa.

(3). Fannami, M. and Kidda, M. (1999) “Linguistic History of Kanambu-Kanuri, Lexical Relationships and Time Depth”. In: Maiduguri Journal of Linguistics and Literary Studies (MAJOLLS), Vol. I, pp. 35-47. University of Maiduguri.

(4). Fannami, M. Munkaila, M. and Bulakarima S.U. (1999) “The structure of the Kanuri noun phrase” In The Humanities and Human Resources Development. A Book of Readings no. 16, pp. 19-26.

(5). Fannami, M. (2001) “Serial Verb Constructions in Kanuri”. In Maiduguri Journal of Linguistics and Literary Studies (MAJOLLS), Vol. 3, pp. 32 – 39. University of Maiduguri.

(6). Fannami, M. and Bulakarima, S.U. (2002) “Constituent Structure of the Kanuri Sentences”. In Maiduguri Journal of Linguistics and Literary Studies (MAJOLLS) Vol. 4, no.1. pp.66 – 75. University of Maiduguri.

(7). Muazu, M. and Fannami, M. (2003) “An Examination of Kilba Inflectional Suffixes”. In The Nigerian Journal of Research and Production (NIJOREP). Vol. 3, no.2. pp. 38 – 44. Nigerian Researchers Forum, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, (ESUT), Enugu.

(8). Muazu, M. and Fannami, M. (2003) “Language Use in Gombi Local Government Area”. In Educational Forum: A Journal of Educational Studies. Vol. 6, pp. 155-172. Faculty of Education, University of Maiduguri.

(9). Fannami, M. (2003) “Case Assignment in Kanuri: Government and Binding (GB) Approach” In Maiduguri Journal of Linguistics and Literary Studies (MAJOLLS}, Vol. 5, -pp. 36-42.

(10). Fannami, M. and Muazu, M. (2004) “Binding in Kanuri Language” In Knowledge Review: A Multidisciplinary Journal vol.8, no.1, pp.36-40. NAFAK. Nigeria.

(11). Fannami, M. and Muazu, M. (2004) “The Nature of Tone: Segmental or Suprasegmental?” In Knowledge Review: A multidisciplinary Journal vol. 8, no.2, pp.22 – 26. NAFAK. Nigeria.

(12). Fannami, M. and Dikwa, K.A. (2006) “An Analysis of the Copula Sentences in Kanuri” In Journal of the Humanities (LIWURAM). vol. 12, pp. 69 – 85. Faculty of Arts, University of Maiduguri.

(13). Fannami, M. (2006) “Geolinguistics of Nigeria” In: Koroma, D.S.M. and Bulakarima, S.U. (eds.) (2006) A Student Companion: A Book of Selected Readings in General Studies vol. 1, pp. 89 – 99. CSS Bookshops, Lagos.

(14). Fannami, M. and Onietan,E. (2007) “Question Strategies in Kanuri and French”. In Journal of Humanities, FAIS, vol. 3, no. 7. pp. 28 – 40. Faculty of Arts and Islamic Studies, Bayero University, Kano.

(15). Fannami, M. and Bulama, I. U. (2007) “Morpheme and its Principles of Identification” In An Encyclopedia of Arts, vol.4, no. 2, pp. 103 – 109. Lagos State University, Nigeria.

(16). Onietan, E. A. and Fannami, M. (2007) “Negation in French and Kanuri”. In Amali, I. O. O. et. al., (eds.) (2007) Rainbow Beyond its Colours: An Essay in Honor of Prof. Shamsudeen, O. O. Amali. vol. 2, pp. 176 – 189. Craftbooks, Ibadan.
Announced on LINGUIST :  An Introduction to Morphology and Syntax of the Kanuri Language
Courses Taught: Undergraduate Courses
General Linguistics
LL 230 Syntax I
LL 332 Syntax II
LL 399 Research Methodology
LL 489 Field Work
LL 432 Advanced Syntax
LL 499 Project Supervision
LIN 301 Linguistic Theory
LIN 302 Structure of a Language I
LIN 307 Structure of a Language II

LLK 113: Introduction to Kanuri Linguistics
LLK 124: Kanuri Orthography
LLK 230: Kanuri Syntax I
LLK 332: Research Methods in Kanuri
LLK 331: Kanuri Synax II
LLK 433 Advanced Kanuri Syntax
LLK 434: Kanuri Verb Phrase.

Graduate Courses
General Linguistics
LL 730 Syntax
LL 777 Field Work
LL 799 Dissertation Supervision

Kanuri Linguistics Courses
LLK 720 Modern Syntactic Method Applied to Kanuri
LLK 777 Field Work
LLK 799 Dissertation Supervision

General (GST) Courses
GST 103: Language and Communication in Nigeria
SOC 201: Language in Society and Culture

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