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Name: David  Prager  Branner
Institution: University of Maryland
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: MD
Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
Language Documentation
Writing Systems
History of Linguistics
Genetic Classification
Specialty: Chinese Descriptive and Historical Linguistics
Subject Language(s): Chinese, Min Dong
Chinese, Min Nan
Chinese, Mandarin
Chinese, Pu-Xian
Chinese, Min Zhong
Chinese, Hakka
Chinese, Min Bei
Chinese, Yue
Chinese, Late Middle
Chinese, Old
Language Family(ies): Sino-Tibetan
Selected Publications: Problems in Comparative Chinese Dialectology - the Classification of Miin and Hakka. Trends in Linguistics series, no. 123. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2000.

Short Chinese Dialect Reports I. Yuen Ren Society, 2002.

The Linguistic Philosophy of Chinese Rime-Table Phonology. Forthcoming, Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Shengyunxue: A Practical Guide to Chinese Historical Phonology. 3rd draft version now circulating for comments.

'The Classification of Longyan.' In Issues in Chinese Dialect Description and Classification, edited by Richard VanNess Simmons. Journal of Chinese Linguistics monograph series no. 15 (1999), pp. 36-83.

'Min'. Article for Facts About the World's Major Languages, edited by Jane Garry and Carl Rubino. New York and Dublin: H. H. Wilson Company, 2001. Pp. 151-157.

'Notes on the Beginnings of Systematic Dialect Description and Comparison in Chinese.' Historiographia Linguistica XXIV/3(1997):235-266.

'The Linguistic Ideas of Edward Harper Parker' Journal of the American Oriental Society 119/1(1999):12-34.

'A Neutral Transcription System for Teaching Medieval Chinese.' T偤ng Studies 17(1999):1-170.

' 'Red Cliffs' in Taiwanese Hànbûn'. CHINOPERL Papers, 2002, pp. 67-100.

'Common Chinese and Early Chinese Morphology'. Journal of the American Oriental Society, 122(2002)/4. Pp. 706-721.

'On Early Chinese Morphology and its Intellectual History'. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Ser. 3, 15/1 (2003). Pp. 45-76.

'Tonal Prosody in Chinese Parallel Prose'. Journal of the American Oriental Society 123(2003)/1, pp. 93-119.'A Gutyan Jongbao Dialect Notebook.' In The Yuen Ren Society Treasury of Chinese Dialect Data I (March, 1995):243-338.

'A Gerchuan Juyu 隔川朱餘 Dialect Notebook.' In The Yuen Ren Society Treasury of Chinese Dialect Data II (March, 1996):289-349.
Courses Taught: Chinese Historical Phonology

History of the Chinese Script

Linguistic Resources for Students of Chinese

Advanced Chinese Grammar

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