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Name: Dirk  Noël
Institution: University of Hong Kong
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Hong Kong   
Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation
Text/Corpus Linguistics
Specialty: Complementation, diachronic construction grammar, grammaticalization, evidentiality, modality in new Englishes
Subject Language(s): Dutch
Selected Publications: Believe-type raising-to-object and raising-to-subject verbs in English and Dutch: A contrastive investigation in diachronic construction grammar. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 15, 2 (2010): 157-182. (with Timothy Colleman)

Revisiting BE SUPPOSED TO from a diachronic constructionist perspective. English Studies 90, 5 (2009): 599-623. (with Johan van der Auwera)

The nominative and infinitive in English and Dutch: an exercise in contrastive diachronic construction grammar. Languages in Contrast 9, 1 (2009): 144-181. (with Timothy Colleman)

The nominative and infinitive in Late Modern English: a diachronic constructionist approach. Journal of English Linguistics 36, 4 (2008): 314-340.

Diachronic construction grammar and grammaticalization theory. Functions of Language 14, 2 (2007): 177-202.

The Contragram Dutch-French-English Contrastive Verb Valency Dictionary. Ghent: Ghent University. ( [with T. Colleman, B. Defrancq and F. Devos]

Revisiting the passive of infinitival perception verb complements. Studia Neophilologica 76, 1 (2004): 12-29.

Translations as evidence for semantics: An illustration. Linguistics 41, 4 (2003): 757-785.

Is there semantics in all syntax? The case of accusative and infinitive constructions vs. that-clauses. In Günter Rohdenburg & Britta Mondorf (eds.) (2003) Determinants of Grammatical Variation in English. (= Topics in English Linguistics, 43.) Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. 347-377.

The passive matrices of English infinitival complement clauses: Evidentials on the road to auxiliarihood? Studies in Language 25, 2 (2001): 255-296.

Infinitival copular complement clauses in English: Explaining the predominance of passive matrix clauses. Linguistics 36, 6 (1998): 1045-1063.

The choice between infinitives and that-clauses after believe. English Language and Linguistics 1, 2 (1997): 271-284.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Reconnecting Language: Morphology and Syntax in Functional Perspectives
 Contrastive Analysis in Language
Courses Taught: English syntax
English construction grammar
English corpus linguistics
English as a language of science
Research seminar in English linguistics
Dissertation Abstract: Believe-Type Matrix Verbs and their Complements: Corpus-based investigations of their functions in discourse
Academic Paper Abstract: Raising: Dutch Between English and German

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