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Name: Davide  Simone  Giannoni
Institution: Università degli Studi di Bergamo
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Italy   
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Subject Language(s): English
Selected Publications: - Giannoni, D.S. 2010. Mapping Academic Values in the Disciplines: A Corpus-Based Approach. Bern: Peter Lang.
- Giannoni, D.S. / Frade, C. (eds) 2010. Researching Language and the Law: Textual Features and Translation Issues. Bern: Peter Lang.
- Giannoni, D.S. 2010. Disciplinary Values in English Academic Metaphors. In W. von Hahn / C. Vertan (eds) Proceedings of the XVIth European Symposium on Language for Special Purposes. Frankfurt: Peter Lang.
- Giannoni, D.S. 2010. Metaphoric Values and Disciplinary Identity in English Research Articles. In G. Garzone / J. Archibald (eds) Discourse, Identities and Roles in Specialized Communication. Bern: Peter Lang, 279-298.
- Giannoni, D.S. 2009. Negotiating Research Values Across Review Genres: A Case Study in Applied Linguistics. In K. Hyland / G. Diani (eds) Academic Evaluation: Review Genres in University Settings. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 17-33.
- Giannoni, D.S. 2009. In My Own Words: Metaphoric Identity across Academic Domains. In V.K. Bhatia et al. (eds) Language for Professional Communication: Research, Practice & Training. Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong, 25-36. See
- Giannoni, D.S. / Maci, S.M. (eds) 2008. Identity Traits in English Academic Discourse. Special issue of Linguistica e Filologia 27.
- Giannoni, D.S. 2008. Medical Writing at the Periphery: The Case of Italian Journal Editorials. Journal of English for Academic Purposes 7/2, 97-107.
- Giannoni, D.S. 2008. Popularizing Features in English Journal Editorials. English for Specific Purposes 27/2, 212-232.
- Giannoni, D.S. 2008. Disciplinary and Linguistic Identities in the Journal Editorial Genre. In G. Di Martino et al. (eds) Identity and Culture in English Domain-specific Discourse. Naples: ESI, 325-348. Pre-print at
- Giannoni, D.S. 2008. Biomedical Laboratory Narratives: Linguistic and Disciplinary Traits. In M. Solly et al. (eds) Verbal/Visual Narrative Texts in Higher Education. Bern: Peter Lang, 73-88.
- Giannoni, D.S. 2007. Metatextual Evaluation in Journal Editorials. Textus 20/1, 57-82.
- Giannoni, D.S. 2006. Evidence of Generic Tension in Academic Book Acknowledgements. In V.K. Bhatia / M. Gotti (eds) Explorations in Specialized Genres. Bern: Peter Lang, 21-42.
Gotti, M. / Giannoni, D.S. (eds) 2006. New Trends in Specialized Discourse Analysis. Bern: Peter Lang.
- Giannoni, D.S. 2006. Book Acknowledgements across Disciplines and Texts. In K. Hyland / M. Bondi (eds) Academic Discourse Across Disciplines. Bern: Peter Lang, 151-176.
- Giannoni, D.S. 2005. “Any Dispute Shall Be Settled by Arbitration”: A Study of Vagueness in International Model Arbitration Clauses. In Bhatia, V.K. Vijay et al. (eds) Vagueness in Normative Texts. Bern: Peter Lang, 437-468.
- Giannoni, D.S. 2003. The UNCITRAL Model and Italian Statute Law: A Linguistic and Topical Description. In V.K. Bhatia et al. (eds) Legal Discourse in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts. Arbitration Texts in Europe. Bern: Peter Lang, 221-246.
- Giannoni, D.S. 2002. Worlds of Gratitude: A Contrastive Analysis of Acknowledgement Texts in English and Italian Academic Articles. Applied Linguistics 23/1, 1-31.
Announced on LINGUIST :  New Trends in Specialized Discourse Analysis
 Mapping Academic Values in the Disciplines
 Researching Language and the Law
 Corpus Analysis for Descriptive and Pedagogical Purposes
Courses Taught: Conflict Negotiation in Academic Genres, Analysing English Legal Texts, World Englishes

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