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Name: Joseph  W  Windsor (IPA: [wIndzr])
Institution: University of Calgary
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Canada   
Linguistic Field(s): Phonology
Specialty: Interfaces/L/Nominal Syntax/L/Prosodic Phonology
Subject Language(s): Siksika
Language Family(ies): Algonquian
Insular Celtic
Selected Publications: Book Chapters
Carroll, Susanne E. & Joseph W. Windsor. 2015. Segmental targets versus lexical interference: Production of second-language targets on first exposure with minimal training. In Hagen Peukert (ed.), Transfer effects in multilingual language development. Hamburg studies on linguistic diversity. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 53-86. [50% contribution.]

Windsor, Joseph W. Predicting prosodic structure by morphosyntactic category: A case study of Blackfoot. Glossa. [Special edition on the Syntax-Phonology interface.]

Windsor, Joseph W. 2015. Review of: Martina Wiltschko. 2014. The universal structure of categories: Towards a formal typology. October 30.
Windsor, Joseph W. 2014. Review of: Ian Roberts. 2010. Agreement and head movement: Clitics, incorporation, and defective goals. Canadian Journal of Linguistics 59. 287-291.
Windsor, Joseph W. 2013. Review of: Brian Nolan. 2012. The structure of Modern Irish: A functional account. Studies in Language 37. 892-900.
Windsor, Joseph W. 2013. Review of: Ana Łubowicz. 2012. The phonology of Contrast. January 8.
Windsor, Joseph W. 2011. Review of: Andrew Carnie (ed.). 2011. Formal approaches to Celtic Lingusitics. December 3.
Windsor, Joseph W. 2011. Review of: B. Elan Dresher. 2009. The contrastive hierarchy in phonology. Canadian Journal of Linguistics 56. 432-435.

Windsor, Joseph W. To appear. Contrast, phonological features, and phonetic implementation: Aspiration in Blackfoot. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics 29. [Accepted August 21, 2015]
Windsor, Joseph W. 2014. The distribution of Irish locatives (seo, sin, siúd): DP, AP, or other? Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics 28. 96-116.
Windsor, Joseph W. 2011. On the boundaries of Irish words. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics 27. 1-14.

Windsor, Joseph W. 2012. When nothing exists: The role of zero in the prosodic hierarchy. Saarbrücken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing. [This is a largely unedited printing of my MA thesis.]
Windsor, Joseph W. 2008. Caoineadh: The tradition of the ‘Irish cry’. In Roisin Doherty (ed.), Garm Lu: A Canadian Celtic Arts Journal 30. 40-47.
Courses Taught: NA
Reviewer of: Formal Approaches to Celtic Linguistics (LL Issue 22.4814)
The Phonology of Contrast (LL Issue 24.34)
The Universal Structure of Categories (LL Issue 26.4827)
Nominal Syntax at the Interfaces: A Comparative Analysis of Languages With Articles (LL Issue 27.4651)

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