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Personal Directory Information

Name: Debaprasad  Bandyopadhyay
Institution: La Filológica por la Causa
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: India   
Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis
General Linguistics
Linguistic Theories
Philosophy of Language
Writing Systems
History of Linguistics
Ling & Literature
Cognitive Science
Anthropological Linguistics
Language Acquisition
Discipline of Linguistics
Specialty: Post-Formal Linguistics
Subject Language(s): Bengali
Language Family(ies): Indo-European
Selected Publications: Books:
1995.Folklore and Folklanguage: Myth or Reality? West Bengal: Kalyani University.
2001. Linguistic Terrorism. Kolkata: Rabindra Bharati University.
2001.Anekanta Sahityatattva. (The Theory of Plural Interpretation of Literary Texts, A Bilingual Publication) Kolkata: Alochona Chakra. ISBN 81-900930-0-2
2003. The Crippled Creativity: An Inquiry into Language, Psyche, Society. Mysore: Central Institute of Indian Languages. Fellowship Work at CIIL, Ministry of HRD, GOI.
Fellowship Work at CIIL, Ministry of HRD, GOI.
2006. tOrjomar tOrjoni ba ekolObber buRo aNul. Kolkata: Janapadaprayas. ISBN-81-902893-1-4
2008. (with Bhupati Ranjan Dash) paTranir kOtha: baNlar adisilper dukahon. (On Jute Industry of Bengal.) Kolkata: Seriban. ISBN 81-87492-23-6
2010. Linguistics as “I” understands it.
2011. “kathaar Entekaal” ( The End Of Dialogue) Unpublished Manuscript. Bangla Translation of English Papers related to “Crippled Creativity Hypothesis”.
2012. lok-aloker dhOnde: lokosNskriti—uponibeSer pathokrom.(Folklore: A colonial Discipline) Kolkata: Deep Prakashan
2012. Negation of Economics.
Courses Taught: 1.2006. Dept. of Clinical Psychology, Calcutta University.Resource Person. Workshop on Psycholinguistics (150 yrs. of Freud’s birth anniversary).
2.2006. Dept. of Pol. Sc., Calcutta Univ. UGC-Sponsored Refresher Course: Post-structuralism & Structuralism. Resource Person.
3.2006. Guest Faculty. Dept. of English (PG), Netaji Subhas Open University. Linguistics (PG)
4.2005-07.Supervisor, B.Tech. Vocational Training, Project work on NLP, Bengal Engineering & Science University, Govt.College of Engineering, Leather Technology, Heritage Engineering College, W. B.
5.2005& 10.Visting Faculty. Dept. of Sanskrit(PG), K.N. College. Sanskrit (PG)Sanskrit Grammar and Panini & Bhartrihari
6.2005-2010. Visting Faculty. Department of Bangla (PG), Netaji Subhas Open Univ.: General Linguistics, Syntax (PG) Bangla.
7.2004. Resource Person. Dept. of Bangla, Jadavpur Univ. UGC-Sponsored Refresher Course on Popular Bangla Literature.
8.2003-04.Advisor for Teachers' Training Program on 'Life Style Education' (WHO). W.B. Board of Secondary Education and State Aids Control Society.
9.2005.Advisor, State Council for Educational Research & Training, W.B.
10.2003.Resource Person. Central Inst. of Indian Languages, Mysore.An Advanced Course in Sociolinguistics :Post-Structural Sociolinguistics
11.2002.Resource Person. Dept. of Pol. Sc. Calcutta Univ. UGC-Sponsored Refresher Course on Contemporary Political Thinkers: Foucault, Derrida, Post- Modernism and Marxism.
12.2002. Resource Person. Dept. of Philosophy, Rabindra Bharati Univ. UGC-Sponsored Refresher Course on Language and Consciousness: Mechanizing Transcendental Cogito: A Post- Structural critique of Language Structure and Linguistic Creativity.
13.2002 -03.Visiting Faculty. Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for Hearing Handicapped, Eastern regional center. Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology; Part-I course.General Linguistics
14.2001. Resource Person.Dept. of Education, Calcutta Univ. UGC-Sponsored 8th Refresher Course in Education :Language Learning in a Multilingual Classroom
15.2001. Resource Person. School of Media Communication and Culture, Jadavpur Univ. UGC-Sponsored Refresher Course on Folklore Studies and Cultural Tourism: Folklore and Folk-language
16. 2000. Linguistic Research Unit, Indian Statistical Institute Winter School on The Methods on Core Linguistics:General Linguistics, Research Methodology
17.1994-99. Visiting Faculty. Dept. of Folklore, Kalyani Univ. (P.G.) Linguistics and Comparative Folklore
18. 2010. Resource Person. Qualitative Research Methodology.Resource Person. CISSR & Dept. of Psychology. Orientation Course.
19. 2010-11. Resource Person. Deschooling & Mother-tongue Education in the plurilingual context. Pratham (UNICEF)
20. 2011.Dept. of Clinical Psychology, Cal. Univ. UGC-Sponsored Refresher Course:Behavioral Sc. Resource Person.Psycholinguistics & Indian Psychology.
21. 2011. Visiting Faculty. Dept. of Linguistics, Aligarh Muslim University
Dissertation Director * of: Discourse on English: A linguistic dilemma in West Bengal
(Anuradha De, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Archaeology of Bangla Language and Literature
(Sibansu Mukhopadhyay, Author)
Dissertation Abstract: Archaeology of Bangla Grammar
Reviewer of: Narrative Community (LL Issue 19.1512)
Lesbian Discourses (LL Issue 19.3230)
Academic Paper Abstract: Understanding Semantics of Language Development
Togetherness of English: The intimate enemy
Bangla Numerals and Problems of Computability
Musicking in Speaking or Speaking in Musicking (kOthay Sure Othoba Sure kOthay)
Two Phonological Changes in Indo-Aryan
Computational Linguistics: A Dissenter's Voice
Towards a New Word Order
Comparative Philology and a Novel by Karl Marx
Archaeology on Bangla Grammar
On Computational and Chomskyan Linguistic Theory
Triglossia in Bangla
Some Primary Observations on /-Ta/ without N
ECP is Dead, Long Live ECP
Interference of L1 (Bangla) in learning L2(English): An item response theory approach
Valency of Bangla Verb and the Problem of Compounding
Non-Linguistics of Silenceme: Lalon
Towards a Praxis of Anti-Grammar
Folklore and Folklanguage: Myth or Reality?
Language, Time and Cinema
The Ekalavya Relation: Modernist Locals’ Anti-Modernist Response(S)
(M)Other Tongue Syndrome: From Breast to Bottle
Anekanta Sahityattva
Identity Confusion
Semiotics of Photography
'Kirtana: Speaking in Musicking'
'Little Boxes: (Il)Logic(s) of Truth-Room(s)'
Political Economy of Sampradana Karaka
The Glottopolitics of Linguistic Subalternity In Multilingual India
This is the Blooded Body of My Language: Grammar
An Incessant Struggle for Writing a Societal Lexicon
Localization in Globalization
Electronic Capitalism
Chomsky and Habermas: Nyaya Theory of Debating
Nuclear Purana
Linear History of Indic Language: Some problems of historiography
Writing by Means of Drawing
The Myth of National Language
Why Do I Forsake Historical Linguistics?
Interpreting the Learning-Mismatch between L1 (Bangla) in Learning L2 (English): An I.R.T. approach
'Linguistic Cybercolonization'
Wor(L)d- Spaces: The Definition of ‘Word’
Modern Linguistics: An Obituary
Identification of Human Proteins Using Linguist’s Tools
Linguistics as 'I' Understand(s) it
'Standardization: Myth or Reality?'
Vedic Songs: Technology Without Machine
Codon Distribution in DNA
Re-Reading Holub’s Anti-Poetry: 'A textbook on dead language’
Linguistic Terrorism: An interruption into the Kamtapuri language movement
Preface to Poststructural Linguistics
Mahalanobis as a Language Planner
Bangla: A geneaological fantasy
Discourse Analysis of the Book 'Society Seen Through the Mirror of Life'
PSI-Properties: Language, Psyche and Society
Kolkata Dialects and the Aspects of Standardization: Preliminary Observations
Satyajit Ray Writes Paintings
A Dialogue on Linguistic Creativity
Final Sound-Initial Sound: A Note on Playing Antyaksari
'Language-Planner Rabindranath'
Why English?
Colony’s Burden: A Case of Extending Bangla
In Search of Linguistics of Silence: Caryapada
Sukumar Ray’s 'Torture of Language': An attempted reading
'When Silence Would Swallow Non-Silence': Linguistics of silence
Rammohan Roy's Goudiya/Bangla Grammar
The Crippled Creativity - A Brief Theoretical Framework
Anthropogenic Global Heating and the Condition of Creative Speaking Subject
The Movement Within: A Secret Guide to Esoteric Kayaasadhanaa: Caryaapada

* This information has been submitted by the dissertation author.

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