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Personal Directory Information

Name: Kay  Williamson
Institution: University of Port Harcourt
State and/or Country: India   
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Language Documentation
Genetic Classification
Specialty: Areal linguistics,Areal Typology, Tribal and lesser-known-languages.
Selected Publications: BOOKS

just published: ''A Manual of Linguistic Fieldwork and Structures of Indian languages''. Lincom Europa, Munich
1. Languages of Tribal and Indigenous Peoples of India. The Ethnic Space. 1997. (edited). Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi.

2. Language and The State. Perspectives on the Eighth Schedule. 1995 (co- edited). Creative Books. New Delhi.

3. Semantic Universals in Indian Languages. 1994. Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla.

4. India as a Linguistic Area Revisited. (edited) 1991. A special volume of Language Sciences, vol.13, no.2, Pergamon Press, Tokyo.

5. Reduplication in South Asian Languages. An Areal, Topological and Historical Study. 1991. Allied. New Delhi.

6. Studies in Bilingualism. 1986. (Initially published as a special volume of IJOAL in 1985, Vol. XI, No.2). Bahri Publications. New Delhi.

7. Semantic Theories and Language Teaching (co-authored). 1986. Allied. New Delhi.

8. Semantic Grammar of Hindi. A Study of Reduplication. 1980. Bahri Publ., New Delhi.

9. Mutthhi Bhar Pahcaan (A Handful of Recognition). A collection of short stories 1969. Radhakrishan Prakashan, Delhi.


1995a Morphological Change in Tribal Languages of Central India. PILC Journal of Dravidic Studies. Vol. 5:1. 1-9

1995b Language Contact and Language Restructuring. A Case Study of Tribal languages of Central India. International Journal of Sociology of Language. vol.116. 175-185

1995c We Shall Overcome One Day. South Asian Language Review Vol. 5, No.2. 64-70

1996 Don't Kill My Mother (tongue). Against Excessive Modernization of Hindi. Perspectives on Language and Society (Papers in Memory of Prof Srivastava). Edited by S.K. Verma and Dilip Singh. Pp 115-167. Kalinga Publications, Delhi.

1997a Languages in Contact in Jharkhand. A Case of Language Conflation, Language Change and Language Convergence. Languages of Tribal and Indigenous Peoples of India. The Ethnic Space. Edited by Anvita Abbi Motilal Benarsidass Delhi.

1997b Expressive Morphology as Manner Adverbs in Khasi, Tangkhul Naga and Kuki Chin Languages. (co-authored with Ahum Victor). Languages of Tribal and Indigenous Peoples of India. The Ethnic Space. edited by Anvita Abbi Motilal Benarsidass Delhi.

1997/1998 Le redoublement dans les langues d'Asie du sud. Faites de Langues. Les langues d'Asie du Sud. Revue de Linguistique. N. 10. Ophrys, Paris.

1998a 'Typological Homogeneity or Language Attrition ? A Case of Tribal Languages in Central India'. From Tribe to Caste. Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla.

1998b 'Morphological Change in Austro-Asiatic and Dravidian Tribal languages of Central India'. Studies in Indian Sociolingusitics. Edited by R.S. Gupta and K.. Aggarwal. Creative Books, Delhi. 1998 c Debate on Archaism of some select Bangani words'. Indian Linguistics. Volume 58. No. 1-4, 1997. Pages1-14.

1999 a The Dynamics of Languages-in-Contact. Competing Languages, Structural Conflicts and Grammatical Compromises'. Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University. Moscow. 1998. Pp24 - 39.

1999b 'What is 'Indian' in Indian Languages? A Case for Grammaticalization of Explicator verb GO '. PILC Journal of Dravidic studies.9:2/July 1999. Also in R.E.Asher and Roy Harris edited Linguisticoliterary. 2000. Pilgrims Books Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi

2000a 'Redundancies and Restructuring in Bangani Syntax: A Case of Language Contact in Western Himalaya'. International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics Vol. 25:1 Pp 7-56
Announced on LINGUIST :  A Manual of Linguistic Field Work and Structures of Indian Languages
 A Manual of Linguistic Field Work and Indian Language Structures
 A Manual of Linguistic Field Work and Indian Language Structures
 Endangered Languages of the Andaman Islands
 A Grammar of the Kolokuma Dialect of Ịjọ
Courses Taught: POST GRADUATE COURSES TAUGHT AT JNU 1. Introduction to Linguistics
2. Introduction to Phonetics
3. Phonology and Morphology
4. Seminar on Generative Phonology
5. Field Methods
6. Readings in Linguistics
7. Advance Course on Syntax and Semantics
8. Language in Society
9. Phonological Analysis
10. Area Study
11. Seminar on Syntax and Semantics
12. Current Trends in Linguistics
13. Semantics : Theories and Analysis
14. Applied Linguistics : Lexicography
15. Language Typology
16. Areal Linguistics and Language Typology
17. Sociolinguistics
18. South Asia as a Linguistic Area
19. Language Contact and Convergence


1. Phonetics for Chinese Studies
2. Introduction To Contrastive Linguistics


1. Probleme Linguisticsher Feldforschung in Indien

2. Transkription und Analyse Linguitischer Felddaten

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