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Name: Evan  D  Bradley (IPA: Evan Bradley)
Institution: Pennsylvania State University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: PA
Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics
Cognitive Science
Specialty: speech and language perception, tone perception, music cognition
Selected Publications: Bradley, E.D. (2013). Pitch perception in lexical tone and melody. Reviews of Research in Human Learning and Music.

Hestvik, A., Bradley, E., and Bradley, C. (2012). Working memory effects of gap-predictions in normal adults: An event-related potentials study. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 41 (6), 425-438.

Bradley, E.D. (2012). Tone language experience enhances sensitivity to melodic contour. Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, Portland, OR. LSA Annual Meeting Extended Abstracts 2012.

Bradley, E.D. (2010). An investigation of the acoustic vowel space of singing. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, Seattle, WA.

Bradley, E.D. and Hestvik, A. (2010). Testing the sensory hypothesis of the early left anterior negativity with auditory stimuli. Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD. LSA Annual Meeting Extended Abstracts 2010.

Jiang, X., Bradley, E., Rini, R., Zeffiro, T., Vanmeter, J., and Riesenhuber, M. (2007). Categorization training results in shape- and category-selective human neural plasticity. Neuron, 53 (6), 891–903.

Syrett, K., Bradley, E., Kennedy, C., & Lidz, J. (2004). Shifting standards: children’s understanding of gradable adjectives. In Deen, K.U., Nomura, J., Schulz, B., and Schwartz, B.D., editors, The Proceedings of the Inaugural Conference on Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition–North America. University of Connecticut Occasional Papers in Linguistics, 4, 353–364.
Courses Taught: Intro to Linguistics
Cognitive Science
Cognitive Psychology
Music Cognition/Psychology of Music
Dissertation Abstract: Crosslinguistic Perception of Pitch in Language and Music
Reviewer of: Origins of Sound Change (LL Issue 24.3282)

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