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Name: Suzanne  Fleischman
Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
Specialty: French linguistics, narrative, verbal system, discourse analysis
Selected Publications: The Future in Thought and Language. Diachronic Evidence from Romance. Cambridge Studies in Linguistics, 36. Cambridge UP, 1982.
Tense and Narrativity. From Medieval Performance to Modern Fiction. Austin: University of Texas Press/ London: Routledge, Chapman & Hall, 1990.
Discourse Pragmatics and the Verb: The Evidence from Romance. Ed. by Suzanne Fleischman & Linda R. Waugh. London: Routledge, Chapman, & Hall, 1991.
Modality in Grammar and Discourse. Ed. by Joan L. Bybee and Suzanne Fleischman. Amsterdam & New York: John Benjamins, 1995.
"From Pragmatics to Grammar: Diachronic Reflexions on the Development of Complex Pasts and Futures in Romance." Lingua 60 (1983), 183-214.
"The Past and the Future: Are They "coming" or "going"?" Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society (1982). 322-334. "`Overlay Structures' in The Song of Roland: A Discourse- Pragmatic Strategy of Oral Narrative" BLS 12 (1986), 108-123.
"A Linguistic Perspective on the Laisses Similaires: Orality and the Pragmatics of Narrative Discourse." Romance Philology 43:1 (1989), 70-89.
"Temporal Distance: A Basic Linguistic Metaphor" Studies in Language 13:1 (1989), 1-51.
"Romance Languages." International Encyclopedia of Linguistics, general editor William Bright. New York: Oxford University Press, 1992. Vol. 3:337-343.
"Philology, Linguistics, and the Discourse of the Medieval Text." Speculum 64 (1990), 19-37.
"Discourse-Pragmatics and the Grammar of Old French: A Functional Reinterpretation of si and the Personal Pronouns." Romance Philology 44:3 (1991), 251-83.
"Toward A Theory of Tense-Aspect in Narrative Discourse." In: The Function of Tense in Texts. Ed. by J. Gvozdanovic & T. Janssen, in co-operation with O. Dahl. Amsterdam etc.: North Holland, 1991. Pp. 75-97.
"Discourse and Diachrony: The Rise and Fall of Old French si." In: Internal and External Factors in Syntactic Change. Ed. by Marinel Gerritsen & Dieter Stein. Berlin etc. Mouton de Gruyter, 1992. Pp. 433-73.
"Imperfective and Irrealis." In: Modality in Grammar and Discourse. Ed. by Joan L. Bybee and Suzanne Fleischman. Amsterdam & New York: John Benjamins, 1995. Pp. 519-551.
"Methodology and Ideology in Historical Linguistics: On Working with Older Languages." In: Textual Parameters in Older Languages. Ed. by Susan Herring, Lene Schsler, and Pieter van Reenen. Amsterdam & New York: John Benjamins. (in press).
"La place de la grammaire dans la structuration des ivinements dans le ricit: le cas des "achievements". Modhles Linguistiques 16:2 (1995), 123-143.
"Linguistic Reflections on Illness and Disease." (in preparation)
"Writing a Woman's Profession: Women's Relationship to the the Scientific Voice." To appear in the Gender and Belief Systems. Proceedings of the Fourth Berkeley Women and Language Conference, eds. Natasha Warner et al.
"The Battle of Feminism and Bon Usage: Instituting Nonsexist Usage in French." French Review70:6 (May 1997), 834-844.
"Gender, the Personal, and the Voice of Scholarship." Signs. A Journal of Women and Culture (in press)
Announced on LINGUIST :  Modality in Grammar and Discourse
 The Future in Thought and Language
Courses Taught: Historical Linguistics (general): Principles and methodology of historical linguistics, language typology, grammatic(al)ization. Romance Linguistics (Comparative): linguistic history of the Romance languages; trends and methodology in Romance linguistics; seminars on individual topics in morphology and syntax (the verbal system, word-order change, grammatic(al)ization).
French Linguistics (diachronic): History of the language (external history and historical grammar); specialized courses on morpho-syntax and semantics.
French Linguistics (synchronic):
Structure of French (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics); advanced grammar courses with a linguistic slant; French in sociolinguistic perspective.
Linguistics and Literature: Graduate and undergraduate courses in French and Comparative Literature on the interrelationship of linguistics and literature and the application of (discourse-oriented) linguistics in literary theory and text analysis. Emphasis on narrative.
Old French (Language and Literature): Survey of the literary production of the French Middle Ages. Graduate courses include an introduction to Old French and its dialects.
Old Occitan (Provengal) Language and Literature: Graduate courses langue d'oc (history of the language and the medieval literary koini) and its narrative literature.
Medieval Studies: Relations of orality and literacy; Latin and the development of Romance vernaculars.
Language and Gender (general and with reference to French)

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