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Name: Randall  S.  Gess (IPA: ɹǽndļ gɛs)
Institution: Carleton University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Canada   
Linguistic Field(s): Phonology
Specialty: Historical
Subject Language(s): French
Language Family(ies): Romance
Selected Publications: Edited Books:

Gess, Randall, Chantal Lyche & Trudel Meisenburg. 2012. Phonological Variation in French: Illustrations from Three Continents. John Benjamins.

Gess, Randall & Deborah Arteaga. 2006. Historical Romance Linguistics: Retrospective and Perspectives. John Benjamins.

Gess, Randall & Edward J. Rubin. 2005. Experimental and Theoretical Approaches to Romance Linguistics. Selected Proceedings of the 34th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages. John Benjamins.

Refereed Journal Articles:

----. 2009b. Reductive sound change and the perception/production interface. Canadian Journal of Linguistics 54: 229-253.

----. 2009a. Teaching presentational cleft constructions in French: When to do it and how to do it. Southern Journal of Linguistics 33: 1-23.

----. 2008. More on (distinctive!) vowel length in historical French. Journal of French Language Studies 18: 175-187.

----. 2004. Phonetics, phonology and phonological change in Optimality Theory: Another look at the reduction of three- consonant sequences in Late Latin. Probus 16: 21-41.

Arteaga, Deborah, Julia Herschensohn & Randall Gess. 2003. Focusing on phonology to teach morphological form in French. Modern Language Journal 87: 58-70.

----. 1999. Rethinking the dating of Old French syllable-final consonant loss. Diachronica 16: 261-296.

----. 1998. Compensatory Lengthening and Structure Preservation revisited. Phonology 15: 353-366.

Edited Book Chapters:

Gess, Randall, Chantal Lyche & Trudel Meisenburg. 2012. Introduction to Phonological variation in French: Illustrations from three continents. Gess, Lyche & Meisenburg (eds.), 1-19.

Boutin, Béatrice Akissi, Randall Gess & Gabriel Marie Gueye. 2012. French in Senegal after three centuries: A phonological study of Wolof speakers’ French. Gess, Lyche & Meisenburg (eds.), 45-71.

Lyche, Chantal, Trudel Meisenburg & Randall Gess. 2012. Phonological variation in French: Unity and diversity across continents. Gess, Lyche & Meisenburg (eds.), 369-387.

----. 2012.
Compensatory lengthening in Old French: The Role of the Speaker. Research on Old French: The State of the Art, D. Arteaga (ed.), 87-105. Springer.

----. 2011. Compensatory lengthening. The Blackwell Companion to Phonology, 5 vols. M. van Oostendorp, C. J. Ewen, E. Hume & K. Rice (eds.). Vol. 3, Chapter 64. Wiley-Blackwell.

----. 2006. The myth of phonologically distinctive length in historical French. Gess & Arteaga (eds.), 53-76.

----. 2003. On re-ranking and explanatory adequacy in a constraint-based theory of phonological change. Optimality Theory and Language Change, D. E. Holt (ed.), 67-90. Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Gess, Randall & Julia Herschensohn. 2001. Shifting the DP parameter: A study of anglophone French L2ers. Romance Syntax, Semantics and their L2 Acquisition, J. Camps & C. Wiltshire (eds.), 105-119. John Benjamins.

----. 2001. Distinctive vowel length in Old French: Evidence and implications. Historical Linguistics 1999: Selected Papers from the 14th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, L. J. Brinton (ed.), 145-156. John Benjamins.

----. 1999. Positional Faithfulness vs. Cue Preservation: The case of nasal sequence resolution in Gallo-Romance. Formal Perspectives on Romance Linguistics, J.-M. Authier, B. E. Bullock & L. A. Reed (eds.), 121-133. John Benjamins.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Theoretical and Experimental Approaches to Romance Linguistics
 Historical Romance Linguistics
 Phonological Variation in French
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Historical Romance Linguistics
 Phonological Variation in French
Courses Taught: Phonetics & Phonology, Phonological Theory, Second Language Acquisition Theory, Second Language Teaching Methods, History of French, Structure of French, Intro to Linguistics
Academic Paper Abstract: More on (distinctive!) vowel length in historical French

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